Video: Cormier Takes Vicious Shots At Jones’ Drug & Hit-And-Run Incidents

Ahead of their scheduled rematch for the UFC Light Heavyweight Championship later this year, the vicious pre-fight trash talk continues between bitter rivals Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier, with D.C. taking some incredibly low-blow shots at “Bones” Jones during a recent FOX Sports Live.

During his appearance on the FS1 program, Cormier took some brutal shots at Jones regarding his hit-and-run incident and his substance abuse issues while openly admitting he’s likely just getting started.

“Do you want your kids to try to be Carl Winslow? Or do you want your kids to be Tyrone Biggums making crack sandwiches?” Cormier stated. “He said, ‘Another drug joke?’ Well, yea Jon. Another drug joke. There’s plenty of them.”

Cormier continued, “I don’t hate him. I don’t wish bad on him. I don’t wish that he crashes into people. I don’t wish that he does all the stupid things that he does. I wish that his family didn’t have to go through all the things surrounding him, but for him, aside from all that other stuff? I can’t stand the guy.”

In further discussing his beef with Jones, he questioned “Bones'” claims that he moved to New Mexico to “grow up” after already having multiple incidents in his new hometown.

“I’m going to look at Jon and say, ‘Jon, you said you were moving to New Mexico to grown up. To me, it seems you went to the only place that will allow you to just be reckless and have no recourse for your actions.’ He didn’t go to grow up. He’s driving 75 in a 30. The guy’s using a damn passport as a driver’s license. It’s very clear, the difference. He told the cop he didn’t know he needed insurance to drive. This is crazy. He went where he could get away with all this stuff. Last time I threw my shoe at him so instead of leaving it on and having to take it off to throw it at him again, I’m just going to place it on the desk. If he talks too crazy I’ll throw it at him. He just says some of the most ridiculous things. It’s just he’s so stupid.”

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