Video: Dana White Gets Pissed Over Fight Fixing Claims

UFC President Dana White appeared on ESPN’s “Highly Questionable” this week and discussed claims that UFC 162’s main event was fixed:

  • John

    Yeah right, Dana you lie! You are calling everyone a moron then, because everyone thinks it was fixed. Your reaction just proves it, you are as fake as that fight. The KO itself wasn’t planned like that I’m sure, but Silva stuck his chin out and crossed his fingers it wouldn’t hurt. $60 per fight on PPV, what a rip off, UFC has been on a downhill slide for 5 years now, I will never pay again, thank god for streaming sites. Although the quality is poor to watch, the quality of the fights sucks too so no biggie.

  • Roni Holzer

    Love his passion! Also am a fan of this show! They always work him out :)

  • Michael D Murphy

    i truly like mr white,, he’ s got passion,,