Video: Rousey Responds To Shaq’s Claims That He Could Last 45 Seconds In A Fight With Her


NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal recently made headlines in the MMA world for claiming that he could last 45 seconds with Ronda Rousey. Well, now we have a response from the UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion.

Celebrity-gossip website TMZ recently caught up with “Rowdy” Ronda and asked for her take on Shaq’s comments.

“Sure,” said Rousey. “If a chick can last past 45 seconds, I don’t see why Shaq couldn’t.”

So, there you have it. Case closed.


  1. I wouldn’t fight this beautiful chick… I’d rather carry her up to the bedroom.. All these guys talking this and that about getting it on with her.. but in the wrong way..

  2. Do you think you could last longer than 45 seconds any better in her bed than in the ring? Sorry…You had to know someone would make this bad joke….

  3. This is stupid. I hate basketball but I hate worse people who think that a 150 pound woman (I’m assuming that’s her walking around weight) would stand any chance against a 300 pound elite athlete who could lift her over his he’d with ease and drop her on the concrete. Her body would practically explode upon impact. If it were her head to hit first, she would most likely die.

  4. The joke is actually you pretending you know anything about me… Dude, when you want to make an insult like that.. you have to know the guy IN person for it to work…

  5. From Jack in my email…The joke is actually you pretending you know anything about me… Dude,
    when you want to make an insult like that.. you have to know the guy IN person for it to work…

    Wasn’t trying to make fun/insult of your “MANLINESS”.And that jokes works no matter if you know him or not “DUDE”..No I don’t know you personally…If I knew how sensitive you were..Well….. I just get tired of Macho Men always degrading a woman as just a sexual receptacle to make himself feel more manly. Not that that pertains to you, though having read some of your other comments about the breasts and butts of the WWE divas does tell me a lot about you. So no. I don’t know YOU at all, but I do know your type. I apologize if a small joke offended and hurt your feelings. It was only directed to you because your comment was the only one saying that at the time. Have a great day and again I apologize about the joke. Guess a bit dog does holler…..

  6. For real? You know what – she’s serious like a heart attack. It’s not even provative anymore. This woman has become a monster. She’s insecure about her looks and has is an abuser of everyone.

    I wonder if they can get a fight sanctioned where she fights a top 5 guy and give her a 10 pound weight allowance. She can grapple with a man but I’m not sure she can take an overhand right from a hammer.


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