Video: Roy Nelson Elaborates On Kicking “Big” John After Late Stoppage At UFN 95

After the UFC Fight Night 95 event in Brasilia, Brazil on Saturday night, UFC Heavyweight contender Roy “Big Country” Nelson spoke in a backstage interview among other things, about his decision to kick referee “Big” John McCarthy in the butt after his second-round TKO of Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva.

Nelson, who said it was hard enough fighting a friend in Bigfoot Silva, spoke about being frustrated with “Big” John over the late stoppage in the fight.

“The referee just did a late stoppage,” said Nelson. “If I gotta do his job too, to stop the fight, because I had a big conversation with John [McCarthy] in the back about doing his job” said Neson, through a number of stutters, before closing by saying, “Bigfoot doesn’t need to take anymore blows to the face.”

For video highlights of the Nelson-Silva fight, click here. For video footage of Big Country kicking “Big” John McCarthy in the butt after the fight, click here.

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  1. Nelson is a dipshit. McCarthy did a great job. He’s not gonna suck big foots dickkk for you Roy. You do it

  2. McCarthy puts himself in the fights too much.

    He makes unnecessary bossy calls just to show he’s the man in there.

    Just STFU John and do your job.


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