Vitor Belfort Joins Chute Boxe And Will Fight At Affliction

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Vitor Belfort went through a period of training at Chute Boxe. The figher was impressed with the group’s organization and structure. Belfort has a fight set for the July 19 Affliction.

“This partnership is promising, I always dreamed of training at Chute Boxe getting to know the team. These days in Brazil we have to always seek to help each other out and Chute Boxe received me in impressive fashion, I’m grateful for the way Master Rudimar and the team received me,” stated Belfort.

The athlete performed mauy thai and boxing specific training with coach Julinho Borges and Wrestling / physical conditioning with coach Cristopher Led. Vitor praised the techniques taught to him and said he was surprised by the way the coaches use the fighters’ body types with the exercises applied. Vitor returned on Sunday to Rio de Janeiro where he will be getting ready to return to Curitiba to begin training. The information is on the official Chute Boxe site.



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