Wanderlei Silva Admits He “Could Have Died” After Being Hit By A Car On His Bike

Apparently MMA legend Wanderlei Silva’s recent bike accident was more serious than some may have thought.

“The Axe Murderer” took to social media this week to write about getting hit by a car while riding on his bike recently. He posted the following on his official Instagram page:

“I’m extreme in everything I do. Everybody says that bicycle was dangerous, and I believed that the right of coming and going was the same for everyone, cars, bikes and people, but I felt that it’s not exactly like that.

I suffered a serious accident [and] will have to undergo shoulder and left knee surgery. A man that saw [the accident] said ‘you were born again’, and the man that hit me didn’t stop to help! I’m really upset because I could have died. My helmet is broken, and I don’t know what would have happened if I weren’t using it.

I had severe injuries and don’t know what’s going to happen, but I believe in God and I know everything has a reason. I will do my best and let it be what God wants. I could have died if I weren’t using a helmet. That made me rethink my life and made me grow a lot. Live well because it’s over soon. God bless you — and if you’re riding a bike, use a helmet because we never know when we’re going to need it.”

H/T to MMAFighting.com for translating the above Wanderlei Silva Instagram post to english.