Wanderlei Silva To Fight In UFC This December?

The following is an article from the Brazilian MMA magazine/website TATAME, which has been translated roughly from Portuguese to English:

TATAME TV: Wanderlei if fires to Brazil

In exclusive interview TATAME TV, the former-champion of the Pride, Wanderlei Silva counted a little of gone its for the United States. Wanderlei if fires to Brazil in this friday, when it embarks for Vacant Wools. “I am going of pressed heart to leave all my friends, my relatives, but I go there to obtain to open the doors for many Brazilians. With certainty, as soon as I will be established, who to want an aid, who to want a contact, am alone to enter in contact with me that I go to be to disposal of any one”, I said Wanderlei.

Wanderlei thanked its masters Rudimar Fedrigo, Rafael Cordeiro and Cristiano Marcelo and confirmed its estria for December in octagon American of the UFC. “I went to estrear now in September, but had to this week I asked for to be postponed for December. Not yet I know against which athlete goes to be, but this little matters, never chose adversary and it is not now that it goes to start”, disclosed Wanderlei. It confers the interview in integrates here.

To read the original article on the TATAME website (in Portuguese), click here.