Wanderlei Silva Wants To Fight For Five To Seven More Years

Wanderlei Silva reveals retirement plans

Las Vegas, 28th April 2009: Brazilian UFC legend Wanderlei Silva comments on his thoughts about retirement in an exclusive 6-page interview in Issue 3 of Fighters Only.

Wanderlei is a mixed martial arts legend and went undefeated in Japan for four and a half years before eventually joining the UFC. He fights former UFC middleweight Champ Rich Franklin at UFC 99 in June next.

Wanderlei comments:

“I want to fight for another five, maybe seven years? I don’t know. I need to respect my body. My body now is good, I am feeling good and training good. In the next year I will make a decision…”

Commenting on why he continues to fight, Wanderlei says:
“I don’t fight for money, because I have money to live for all my life, but I fight because I love it – because I love it, it stays in my heart.”

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