War Machine Captured In California

Although Dog The Bounty Hunter may not have gotten his man, U.S. Marshals in Simi Valley, California have.

It has just been announced that U.S. Marshals in Simi Valley have captured former Ultimate Fighter star War Machine and he is currently in jail awaiting extradition to Nevada.

As noted throughout the past week, War Machine has been on the run from police, who issued seven warrants for his arrest for a domestic violence incident with his former girlfriend, porn star Christy Mack.

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  • The Man From Jonestown

    I didn’t know beating on women was “Alpha Male”.

    Hope this dude rots. He was a menace before he beat down Christy Mack.

  • Ayatollah of rock N rolla

    So he gets captured by US Marshals, but Ray Rice in the NFL gets suspended 4 games….

    • Seventh

      Ray Rice didn’t run over state borders.

    • Leather Face

      Ray Rice didn’t almost kill his chick

  • Armbar Andgrill

    MMA fighting produces chemically enhanced psychos and is a menace to society.

    • rudy

      So true. These men can be very dangerous. But look at Hernandez from the patriots. It could happen anywhere. Violence exists in the heart of man.

      • MattBooneEWN

        A LITTLE bit better, other than the opening “so true” line. ANY profession can produce psychos, it’s a matter of the INDIVIDUAL, NOT the PROFESSION.

        • rudy

          Lol you’re right

    • MattBooneEWN

      How did two people click like on this comment??

  • pwnez

    This guy is a scumbag, I’m glad they caught him.

    • rudy

      My thoughts exactly.

    • Shades

      His new nickname in jail will be “Love Machine”. Hopefully, he’ll be raped by biggest ugliest guys there..

      • IKeepsit100

        HIGHLY DOUBT they will be able to rape him….HIGHLY. Most likely he will be recruited to fuck shit up.

        • s1cc n3ss

          Really? You think any single person can take on more than a handful of people at the same time legitimately? As soon as word gets around, which I’m sure it already has, that he beat up a woman let alone a pornstar that most of those people probably can “relate” to, he’s done. Talking beatdowns by gangs of people at a time, not just one. So yea GL HF getting fucked up Warmachine lol.

  • ddp

    now he shall be raped by sodomites in jail, muhuhahahahahahahahah

    • brad

      He deserves it.

  • Steve Williams

    Payback is a biatch…but so is he….muahhahahahaa

  • Air force two

    Here comes the pain, now where can we buy tickets to watch this guy get his ass whipped

  • http://www.youtube.com/ac1dchr15t ac1d

    ‘I do alpha douche-bag shit’

  • Capt.Dammit

    he should get the same treatment in jail dammit!

  • SomeInternetGuy

    I never thought I’d say something like this, but…

    I really hope he gets raped in jail.

  • Boffin

    Sorry to burst every bodies bubble here but beating the shit out of your ‘old lady’ is NOT a problem in the prison system. Its perfectly acceptable. At least here in CA where I did 6 years. Im sure its the same elswhere. He will not be getting raped he will probably be an ‘Alpha Male’ while he is in there and because of who he is and the fact that he will probably be somebody that nobody wants to challenge means he will be just fine in jail or prison.

  • IKeepsit100

    LOL @ all the hypocrites….VIOLENCE is NEVER the answer regardless. Yet you idiots want him to get beat in prison. Prison is designed for punishment…not more violence.

  • FilipinoBroskie

    That shirt, “I do Alpha Male shit.” he’s gotta change that to “I am Alpha Male shit.”

  • bdawg

    you know war machine isn’t tough right? last time he was in jail he had to beg to be put in protective custody, he’s the alpha-male as long as a real man’s not near by, he’s more a juice head than a martial artist.

  • Wilks

    Well done! :)

  • S43riff

    Yeah,,,I don’t think he will fair too well in jail. There isn’t a weight class and it isn’t one on one.

  • I’ve Lost My Smile

    freaking awesome he got caught