War Machine Goes On Twitter Rant, Christy Mack To Release Statement

Former Ultimate Fighter star War Machine, who was released by Bellator on Friday, took to Twitter yet again, going on a lengthy rant about a domestic violence incident that has him on the run from Las Vegas police.

Below are War Machine’s latest comments, as well as a tweet from his girlfriend Christy Mack. The porn star claims she will release an official statement later today that will “put many rumors to rest.”

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  • Wilks

    I can only hope this scumbag is brought to justice, please catch this maniac soon!

  • Mike Adams

    It’s obvious what happened. he caught her having sex with another guy. but look at what she is? you can’t turn a hoe into a housewife. still no excuse for beating her. I would have turned around and left the room and dumped her. then got a refund for the engagement ring. hope he goes to prison

    • Taebok

      Firstly, they broke up over three months ago.
      Secondly, look at what she is?
      Are you fucking retarded?
      She’s a human fucking being.
      Which is more than I can say for you.

  • Erin

    I don’t care what she was doing or who she was doing, this is just unacceptable. What a piece of shit that guy is.

  • lauramcmiss

    They broke up months ago, it really doesn’t matter what she was doing. It doesn’t even matter if they hadn’t broke up – the right and normal thing to do is cut your losses and move on, not beat somebody to a bloody pulp. Just read his comments, he is clearly abusive – making it all about his pain and suffering while she lies in a hospital with injuries that no woman should sustain. Hopefully she pulls through ok and stays strong.

  • omega riddler

    He really said the cops will never give him fair play. He is a trained MMA fighter and he beat up a woman, viciously at that. If he wants some level of fairness from the police, he should turn himself in because the longer he hides from the cops the worse his sentence will be and it is publicly known what he did so no fight promoter will hire him unless it is some underground fight club. These days if he tries to get a job thinking nobody will know who he is, all it takes is for somebody to look him up on social media and he is done.

    From what I’ve read, he seems like a guy who is not capable of accepting rejection and he thinks he can do no wrong. I’ll believe her in this case, he beat the crap out of her friend and then her, he wasn’t fighting for his life because he wasn’t in mortal danger unlike Christie Mack and the guy he beat up. He is the type of guy that gives MMA and any combat sport a bad name.

  • s1cc n3ss

    What’s funny is that in her statement she mentioned that he said he was going to rape her. Only raping that’s going to be taking place will be of him in prison lol. Fucking jobber. This kid has had WAY too many chances and this was the last straw in my opinion. I SOOOOO love the fact that this will be attempted murder because being a MMA fighter his fists are legally a lethal weapon. GG warmachine, have fun in the slammer getting slammed!

  • hitchens

    Dog the bountyhunter is after hes ass.. Hes Got no chanche