War Machine’s Lawyer: “My Client Is Not A Monster, He’s A Good Guy”

Recently released Bellator fighter War Machine (aka Jon Koppenhaver) is being sent back to Nevada to face charges over the alleged beating of his former girlfriend, adult entertainment star Christy Mack.

The 32-year old former veteran of The Ultimate Fighter, who was arrested last Friday in Ventura, California after running from police on felony fugitive charges, signed his extradition papers during a brief hearing in Ventura County last Tuesday, and is expected to return soon to Nevada, where the alleged incident took place.

Brandon Sua, recently issued a statement to Los Angeles television station KTLA on War Machine’s behalf, noting that his client is a “good guy.”

“The hardest thing for my client is seeing the responses from the media, the public,” said Sua. “There’s been a lot of statements on one side. The media has done a good job of painting my client as a monster, but my client is not a monster,” Sua noted. “He is a good guy.”

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  • omega riddler

    That’s a load of crap, you don’t need the media to paint him as a bad guy. Comparing her injuries compared to him. A good guy doesn’t inflict that sort of damage to a woman like that. He is a coward, he beats his ex-girlfriend up, breaking bones and causing internal injuries then running away to California. The evidence clearly says he wasn’t “fighting for his life”. That implies that she was a threat to him. He can’t plead self defense because even if she fought back, the injuries and her account say he was in control so once he had control of the “fight” for lack of a better word, he continued to beat the crap out of her. It’s similar to if someone hits a person on the head with a brick and kills the person in self defense. if that killshot is followed up by more shots, self defense goes out the window. He deserves to go to prison for a long time, he is a dangerous person