Warrior FC Hits Kentucky With Models Fighting This Weekend

Warrior FC Hits Kentucky with Models Fighting This Weekend?

Sid Needelman Reporting…

When you think of MMA hotbeds, you may not think of Kentucky, but you are mistaken. Vegas seems like a hotbed, but how many home-grown fighters are born and bred there? How many “local” MMA shows can local guys try out their skills and family members only shell out only $20 bucks for a seat? Plus this Saturday’s show has an MMA breakout star and model, fighting for our enjoyment.

This upcoming weekend brings a card with two bouts being bragged about heavily by the likeable promoter, Jimbo Collins. The Main event on January 12th, is for the vacant Light Heavyweight Title between Joseph Baize (Hook N Shoot & Bodog veteran) who will face off with Jerry Burns. I believe Jimbo that the fight will indeed live up to the hype. One of the sponsors for the event, Martial Arts Pride are supplying the finest of the UFC approved style gloves for the main event. UFC, TUF, and IFL Veteran Dan “The Sandman” Christison will be on hand to referee and meet the fans.

In a treat on the eyes, and for the MMA fans, Warrior Wear and Tap Out model Vanessa Bohleber (Pictured below) will defend the ladies title against Heather Corder.

The “Black Mountain Bad Boy” Andrew Earles will make his return to the cage against Menden McKeehan in a heavyweight battle. MMANews got some exclusive time with Andrew to talk about this weekend’s fight.

MMANews.com: What is it about Warrior Fighting Challenge (Warrior FC) that has drawn you to fight for them?

Andrew Earles: The Warrior FC is the most successful show in Kentucky. It may not have the production of some of the big shows but with over 70 shows completed between the organizers, they run a good show. I've been fighting and/or matchmaking for the promotion since April 2005. The promotion started out as a very small promotion, usually doing shows with about 200-300 people in attendance and now they run anywhere from 800-1500 paying people at a show. Warrior FC is in my opinion one of the best shows to fight for. The people that run the show and everyone involved are very close. It's almost like a family running the entire show.

MMANews.com: What do you think about the main event?

Andrew Earles: The main event for this show is a match for the Warrior FC Pro Light Heavy Weight Championship. It will be Joe Baize vs. Jerry Burns. These two guys really hate each other, stemming from their training camps. Joe is a BodogFight vet and as well as a HookNShoot regular and soon to be title contender at a lighter weight class. He's bulking up to fight Jerry, that's how bad they hate each other. Joe is a leg lock specialist and Jerry is a lay and pray artist. That's just his game. I've spanked Jerry ass once as an “ammy” (amateur fighter). I haven't actually seen Joe fight, but he is the heavy favorite in the fight. But he's naturally a lot smaller then Jerry, so it's an interesting matchup. I think Joe will win by a submission but not his usual Heelhook.

MMANews.com: What do you know about your opponent?

Andrew Earles: I heard he is a real slugger, but I have trained a bunch and I know whatever he brings will not be enough. I just got a new sponsor, and like the name of the company, I’m coming to “Dropya.”

MMANews.com: Is that a hint to plug your sponsor?

Andrew Earles: Yes, and I’m sending you an exclusive picture for MMANews.com of me in the Dropya Vale Tudo shirt. (http://www.dropyafightwear.com/)

MMANews.com: Being so confident in the win, what are your goals for after this fight?

Andrew Earles: Then I'm going back to my normal weight class at 205. Win a fight or two there and then go for the WFC LHW Belt. I haven't fought in 15 months partly due to a new job and a new baby, but my pro career started out a little bumpy and I needed to get some stuff straight. Basically I got burned out on MMA. But now I'm back to training with my boys Cornellius Wiggins, Zach Earles, Floyd Branham, Rob Mooney, and Nate Jolly so I'm coming back as good as ever and now I'm hungry once again. So I hope Menden McKeenan has good health insurance and he might even need some dental coverage. And after this weekend, the return of the WFC's 2006 Most Hated Fighter and Former LHW Champ will have begun.

Thanks Andrews and also at this weekend’s event, John Holliman will face Bo Hewitt in their pro debut's.

Tickets are still available and you can get them and more information about the event at http://www.warriorfc.com . One of the sponsors is http://martialartspride.com who I personally applaud as they are one of the few MMA gear retailers who sell packages of MMA at a single low price to prevent from having to go find the best deal on gloves from one place, and best shorts at another. Recently they just added the option to upgrade the packages with the same 33% savings, but to fit an individual’s tastes. I know a gym that also likes the quality of their boxing gloves.


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