WEC 42 Results: Javier Vazquez vs. L.C. Davis



Javier Vazquez vs. L.C. Davis
Round 1
They touch gloves. Davis fires two right jabs but they miss. Davis misses a left hook and then a loopy right hand. Vazquez fires a punch but Davis ducks under and tries a heel hook, and Vazquez flips him over. After a slight scramble, Vazquez reverses and quickly tries a heel hook but misses. They scramble and are back up to their feet. Vazquez fires two loopy overhand rights that graze Davis. Vazquez shoots in but Davis sprawls. From there, “Showtime” pulls guard. Davis scoots Vazquez up against the fence. After about thirty second, Davis is able to stand back up. They circle in center cage. From his southpaw stance, Vazquez lands two decent right hands. Nice right, left from Davis, but Vazquez moves forward, unfazed. It’s turned into a kickboxing match. Vazquez lands a nice right cross on the inside. Davis is now cut under his right eye and Vazquez lands another right hand. Hard straight right by Vazquez backs up Davis. Another. Davis desperately tries a flying knee but misses wildly. Davis looks flustered. 10-9 Vazquez.

Round 2
They square off again. Vazquez lands a stiff-right hand. Davis misses a right and a left. Vazquez shoots in and scores a double leg. Davis scrambles back up. Vazquez just misses a big right hand. Davis clips Vazquez with a right. Vazquez shoots in again but Davis stuffs it, only to be pulled into guard. Before Vazquez can close his guard, Davis scramble back up. Davis switches to southpaw. Right leg kick by Davis. Davis lands a decent right hand. Davis is now breathing heavily. Davis misses a right head kick and Vazquez counters with a right cross. There is now a mouse under Vazquez' right eye, but he's in total control. Vazquez peppers Davis with two more right hands. Davis tries a flying knee from too far and misses. He tries a jump kick, too, but is way off target. Davis fires a right and a left, but misses and is countered by a hard right hook to the gut. Vazquez scores a takedown at the horn. 10-9 Vazquez.

Round 3
Vazquez comes out firing just as Davis is. Davis misses a right uppercut and is countered by a right cross. They clinch and Davis is pulled into Vazquez' guard again. Davis lands two hard right hands, but Vazquez scrambles away. During the scramble, Vazquez sucks him back into his guard. Davis lands two more right hammer strikes and backs out to let Vazquez up. Hard right leg kick by Davis. Davis fires a three-punch combo, but nothing lands. He tries it again and misses. Vazquez answers with a vicious left-leg kick. Davis again fires the three-punch combo and misses. Hard counter straight-left hand by Vazquez lands square on Davis' face, but he's not bothered. Vazquez shoots in for another takedown and is stuffed. The pace has slowed with 90 seconds left. Davis needs a stoppage of some sort to win. They clinch and Vazquez backs away and misses a wild spinning back fist. Davis counters with a flying knee to the chest that forces Vazquez into the cage. They circle out. With 8 seconds left, Davis desperately tries a flying knee. Another. The horn sounds to end the fight. 10-9 Vazquez.

The official scores: 30-27 Davis, 29-28 Vazquez, 29-28 Davis. L.C. Davis takes the split decision. The media section at the Hard Rock is baffled by the scores, as is the crowd. Some of the fans are jeering the scores; and as Vazquez walks to his locker room in disbelief, fans are telling him that he won.


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