WEC 42 Results: Leonard Garcia vs. Jameel Massouh

From MMAJunkie.com:


Round 1 – Garcia opens with a left, then another. Garcia circling. Massouh misses with a left of his own. Garcia land an overhand right. Both fighters patient. Massouh answers with a low kick. Massouh lands a kick to the body. Massouh bouncing, remaining active. Garcia more stationary in his attack. Garcia lands a big right that drop Massouh, and He follows to the floor. Massouh hangs on tight, looking to remain composure. Garcia stand, controls the head and lands two knees. Massouh in trouble, but he remains in te fight, shooting in. Massouh wrestles Garcia to the floor, and he sets up in half-mount. Garcia looks first for a kimura, then a guillotine, but Massouh moves up and begins to throw punches. Garcia regains guard with less than a minute remaining. Garcia rolls for an arm, and Moassouh slides out and stays on top. Massoush lands a few blows from top position, and it's a great finish after a rough start. MMAjunkie.com still sees the round for Garcia, 10-9.

Round 2 – A quick touch of gloves. Massouh misses with a low kick, then lands a second. Garcia looks to be loading up on his hands. Massouh shoots in, but Garcia lands a guillotine choke as he falls. He holds it, but Massouh pops out. Garcia works an open guard, but Massoh throws a few punches from top. Massouh moves to half-mount looking to pass out to the side. Massouh throws a few short elbows from top position. Garcia looks to slide away, but Massouh stays on top. Massouh looks to have a brief D'arce choke, then he slides out to north-south. Massouh maintains the hold, but Garcia stands and moves away with 90 seconds left. Garcia looks tired, visibly breathing hard, and Massouh lands a leg kick. Massouh shoots in, but Garcia stands him up. Garcia throws a knee with his back against the cage. Garcia just misses with a right hand as Massouh backs away. Massouh clinches again as time expires, and he earns the second round, 10-9.

Round 3 – Garcia again looks to load up on a punch, but instead throws a high kick. Garcia misses with a right hand. Garcia throws a homerun 1-2 but misses. Massouh lands a low kick. Garcia misses with another right hand, though he times a counter right hand perfectly when Massouh moves forward. Garcia kicks low, Massouh high, then to the body. Massouh moves into the clinch behind a superman punch, but Garcia escapes. Three minutes remain, and Garcia headhunting. Massouh lands a jab, Garcia throws a heavy counter that misses. Garcia lands a spinning back kick. Massouh answers with a low kick. The pair trade jabs. Massouh shoots in, but Garcia stands him up. Massouh pushed him tot he cage, though Garcia throws a few knees. Close with a minute remaining, and Massouh lands a few left hands. Garcia looking for the big shot, but he eats a jab. Garcia scores with a right, and another, and the crowd responds. Massouh throws a few kicks as time expires, and Garcia just misses with another haymaker. It's a close third round, though Garcia appeared to have the more effective blows. MMAjunkie.com sees it 10-9 Garcia, and the bout also in his favor, 29-28. Leonard Garcia def. Jameel Massouh via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28).