Weidman, Bisping, Rockhold Take Shots At Vitor Belfort’s Past Drug Use

During the UFC Fight Night 55 pre-fight press conference, three of the UFC’s top Middleweight fighters ganged up on Vitor Belfort, as Chris Weidman, Michael Bisping and Luke Rockhold all took turns blasting “The Phenom” for his past drug use.

Below is a transcription of what was said.

Bisping: “Yes listen, Vitor was juiced to the gills for many years and now he’s not. Now Chris is going to win that fight – first and foremost, that’s what I think – and of course he’s at an advantage because he’s no longer juiced to the gills”

Weidman: [Jokingly] “But he has better cardio”

Bisping: “Yeah, yeah exactly. So do I want to fight Chris? Of course. I want to fight every middleweight on the planet. As a fighter, that’s what we want to do, you know. Vitor, I think his physical appearance has altered. It’s quite visible. Is he going to be the same person? That’s the question that everybody’s asking and only he knows. We shall see.”

Rockhold: “Not much left to say. Vitor’s a joke to me. Let’s see what comes out. I’m very interested to see what he turns up and I’m interested to see what happens to the drug test he took the other day.”

Weidman: “Yeah I’m worried about that”

Rockhold: “We’ll see if the fight even happens”

That wasn’t the only craziness that took place at the presser. For those who missed it, Weidman and Bisping then turned their attention to each other, with the two getting into a bit of a verbal scuffle themselves. You can read that back-and-forth here: Chris Weidman “Crashes” UFN 55 Presser, Gets In Interesting Exchange With Michael Bisping

Michael Bisping and Luke Rockhold collide in the main event of this weekend’s UFC Fight Night 55 event, which takes place in Sydney, Australia and airs live on UFC Fight Pass.

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