Weidman: He Tried To Make Me Feel Like I Didn’t Belong

Chris Weidman made a statement at UFC 162 when he knocked out long reigning UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva and put an end to his run as king of 185lbs.

Weidman spoke earlier this week about his win and reflected on Silva’s antics in the cage and how he felt about them:

“He had felt my power and knew I was way more powerful than him, and he realized he couldn’t hurt me with anything he was going to do,” Weidman said Tuesday.

“I was in there right away trying to finish him, I don’t think he’s used to that.”

“I didn’t really care where the fight went. I went for a kneebar and knew there was a risk of the guy getting back to his feet if I couldn’t finish. I either wanted to submit him on the floor or knock him out.”

“I threw my forehead on his fists a few times, to let him know I wasn’t scared – ‘Give me your best shot, I’ll eat it.”

“He was trying to get me to freeze up, make me feel like I didn’t belong in the cage with him.”

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    No smartass, because ppl love rematches kid. Duh.

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    Hell yea

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    CW u really didnt…. CW got a takedown, tried the GNP, he got out of it, u tried a knee bar, he got out of it…. when it got back on the feet he started picking u apart badly…. Silva made 1 mistake, showboating one too many times and this time it backfired ….. i think they call it “hubris”