What Did Nate Diaz Buy Following His Victory Over Conor McGregor?

Much was made about the amount of money Nate Diaz was offered to step in and fight Conor McGregor on short notice.

Along with cashing his biggest disclosed payday to date, Diaz also earned a pair of “Fight Night” bonuses, and likely even more backstage.

So, what did the “Stockton Bad Boy” purchases following his UFC 196 submission win? He told “UFC Tonight” Wednesday evening.

“Dinner,” Diaz said. “I haven’t really bought much yet. It just happened.”

Reports continue to circulate about a rematch – this time at lightweight – between Diaz and McGregor for the July UFC 200 event. Some have been critical of it, but Diaz sees it as win-win.

“It’s a real fight. People want to see it,” he said. “When you get a real fight, people appreciate it. If he wants it and UFC wants it, let’s run it back. If not, whatever. I’m here to fight the best fighters in the world.

“If there’s a second fight, I’ll fight at 55. I’d like to be in shape. I don’t want to hear it. I don’t want to hear no excuses. I’ll make 55. I was planning on making 55 last time.”

As for if he wants to compete for UFC gold in the near future, that seems to not be a priority for Diaz.

“I think that title thing is a fairy tale,” he said. “The best fighters in the world are getting paid the best money. The belt is a fairy tale, as far as I’m concerned. That might piss a lot of people off.”

Diaz also had nothing but respect for McGregor, just like following the contest. The two exchanged words and shoves in the lead-up, but were grateful of the challenge the other presented after.

“He’s a fighter. He’s doing his thing. He’s making more of a scene than anyone else,” Diaz said. “If everyone was speaking up then everyone would be making more. No one wants to stand up. I’ve been speaking up for years. They’re trying to quiet me down, but I beat their guy so they’re going to hear it now.”