WWE’s Triple H & Stephanie McMahon Take Shots At UFC

WWE executives and performers Triple H and Stephanie McMahon took part in a “Fireside Chat” with Senior Business Analyst Laura Martin at the Needham Interconnect Conference for investors in New York City this week and during the discussion, the topic of UFC as a competitor to WWE came up.

Triple H noted that he doesn’t feel the two are in competition, explaining why he feels they are completely different entities.

“They aren’t really a competitor to us and I explain this to our talent this way in the Performance Center and every time I say it people will say to me oh, that made it very clear for me: people like UFC, they like boxing, but it’s completely different from what we are. We are like the movie Rocky. We’re a story. We’re a great story that just happens to take place sometimes in the wrestling ring, so if you think about us less of Floyd Mayweather in a boxing match which you’ll watch one time and on pay-per-view and then once that fight’s over it’s kind of done, you know, and you’re really not going to go back and watch it a bunch of times unless you’re a connoisseur of boxing science, you’re gonna watch it one time. But Rocky the movie you will watch over and over and over again. It’s the story, it’s the characters. Boxing is irrelevant to the movie really. It’s a triumph story, it’s a love story, it’s all those things and that’s what we do. We create characters that you gravitate towards, that you connect with, that you passionately engage with, you believe in on a visceral level, whether you hate them or love them. We put them in unique storylines with creative passions and good guys and bad guys and the drama and sometimes love throws. We were married and divorced once on TV long before we did it for real, you know? It was a dry run, that’s why it works so well, we got it out of our system. You know, you have all those components, but that’s what makes us so successful and at the end of the day that’s what makes the Network successful because while a sport, who is gonna go back to watch the Superbowl from ’84? Yeah, right, unless you’re a massive technical football fan! Or who’s gonna go back and watch boxing from five years ago, you’re not, or UFC, it’s the same thing, it’s the same component. But our product is evergreen, because its the characters and the stories that you engage in, that’s what makes a passionate fan of the WWE and it’s lifelong, because even if you move away from it, even if you become a lapsed fan, you get out of college, you don’t have a lot of free time anymore, you get a job, you have kids, you do all those things, and now all of a sudden your kids start to watch, and you get on the Network and you start to watch the Attitude Era or the ’80s, that Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage and The Ultimate Warrior that you watched when you were a kid and all that emotion comes flooding back to you and it’s something that you don’t put down, that you don’t walk away from, it’s always there and it’s very easy to get hooked back into it to watch it again.”

Stephanie McMahon also shared her two cents on the subject.

“In addition to that with UFC you can pay money to watch a pay-per-view and it can be a terrible fight. Right? The guy you were really rooting for that UFC has been building as a star gets knocked right off and suddenly that person doesn’t really matter anymore and all that investment is lost. You never have that with WWE. We strategically build all of our Superstars and characters and we know when they are going to win and we know when they are going to lose. Uh, we do! [audience laughs] And we build characters and make them these megastars, it’s all very intentional and you’re guaranteed to get your money’s worth. It might not necessarily be the outcome you want, but you’re guaranteed to have a great match, to have a great pay-per-view and you’re guaranteed to be entertained.”

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  • WWwee

    Conor McGregor said that’s fake shit. This is real shit here (MMA).

    • Chelsea of Oi DM

      I don’t get it.
      Both WWE and MMA are real but the truth is, the violence and injuries are what’s extremely unfair about it to me! it’s not right to do that to someone but if these guys are going to do that stuff…..then allow people who watch the show to physically stand up for and defend, who they like during a WWE match. Or an MMA match! They can allow someone to do that in a WWE ring.
      I’d love to see a fan do that for Randy Orton and other WWE Superstars as well if that’s okay.

  • brad

    Paul knows best.

  • bluesteel

    Steph has one creeeepy smile

  • Michael Kondratiuk

    I 100% agree, in the UFC you can get bad matches and you feel like you’ve wasted your money. That never, ever happens in the WWE. Battleground of last year was absolutely terrific!

    • pwnez


    • Joshua Ponce-Rayvn

      And Payback this year. Or my favorite match was the triple threat tornado tag Ladder Match at wrestlemania 20 with the Hardyz, The Dudleyz and Edge and Christian

      • Haze_Enigma

        That was not at Wrestlemania 20 dude. They had a Triangle ladder match at Wrestlemania 16 and a Triple Threat tag team TLC match at Wrestlemania 17.

        • Joshua Ponce-Rayvn

          I meant to say wrestlemania 2000 (16) but I didn’t correct it. I apologize.

          • Kenny Powers

            IKR! When Shirley McShit-stain pinned Barbarra Butthole-breather, i was pissed! Totally illegal using that potato salad to blind her!

      • Featherwood Chelsea

        My favorite Randy Orton matches were him vs. John Cena, Triple H, Big Show, Kane, etc…as well as matches from 2008-2009 were fantastic and been even better if Randy were allowed to kick ass on and defeat his opponent(s) moreso.

      • WCWJobber

        okay there 12 year old

    • SJ of Oi

      Not all the WWE or UFC matches are absolutely great or extremely bad all the time. However, if WWE were actually allowed to let Randy Orton have the look he had when he was a clean shaven good guy in ’08-’09, some of ’10 who kicked ass on and fought against the clear-cut evil and bad guys in WWE!
      Such as:
      Heelish/Bad Guy John Cena
      Heelish/Bad Guy Triple H and just about any other heels in WWE!
      Randy Orton was incredibly fantastic on the mic and in interviews, matches and pay-per-views, skits, and so on!d
      He fought aggressive when necessary and got back at the guy or guys attacking him but in a way that made it so great and worthwhile to check out!

    • Patrick

      lol they’re no selling UFC. Just like they say how MNF isn’t competition either.

    • fdfdsff

      in wwe, you can also get matches, bad story lines and bad out comes… so stfu

  • pwnez

    I dislike buying UFC fights/boxing matches because it can sometimes be a waste of money. If you watch a fight that only goes 3 rounds, to me that is a waste. Other times you can watch a match that goes on for awhile and was totally worth the money. This is why I prefer to go to a bar and watch the fights; you’re around people and you do not have to pay to see the show (for the most part.)

    WWE can be the same exact way. You pay $55 for WrestleMania (more if you include tax) and the show can end up being awful; that could be a waste of money to some people. The same with any other PPV. Not everyone shares the same taste in entertainment either.

    • Joshua Ponce-Rayvn

      I think that’s what they were trying to say, For UFC I can’t speak for them because I don’t watch that much of it, they wanna see someone get their ass kicked, some gladiator type shit, in WWE it’s different. it’s gladiator shit but fluffed up with myth, good or bad for either style of entertainment, it’s what you like that defines something.

    • Pixie

      only reason WWE ppvs can be awful is when they aren’t allowed to have randy or ton as a good guy and he gets forced to be a bad guy like what is happening presently in WWE.
      people want to see or ton get his ass kicked but come back strong and kick ass on and against his opponent(s)!
      Orton fights like some kinda intense badass Skinhead guy gladiator or something! Yet he has a gentle, caring, cuddly side….but does tend to be reserved physically speaking…I wish I were able to influence him to be more…or to want to be more physically affectionate with me!
      (okay O.K. it may be asking a bit much but a woman like myself can dream, right?)


        that is definitely a dream. You know you love Orton because he is a bad guy. All women love Bad Boys. :)

  • https://twitter.com/StrangeDeranged Pozessed

    Valid points, WWE guarantees to have some sort of entertainment standard whereas UFC is unpredictable due to it being real combat.

    • RKOHeroAngel

      Yet that can be a problem in and with WWE because when say someone gets really attached to a guy in WWE who they like, it really, REALLY can hurt a lot if the guy you like gets hurt or injured in a match…but it can also drive you to want to climb over the ring barricades, fences, and walk past security in WWE, climb over the barricade and step into the ring and defend or stand up for your favorite wrestler!
      Not always….but that can happen when certain things are in place in WWE.
      At least for myself.

      • Ryan Walker

        I hope for the entertainers sake you never attend a live event.

        • https://twitter.com/StrangeDeranged Pozessed

          I heard he was the guy who low blowed Randy Orton.

  • Scott Greczkowski

    The last how many WWE PPV’s sucked too… Glad I only paid $9.99 to see them. (Although I still felt ripped off.)

  • Whoop

    I wonder what kind shots they took? Vodka?

  • Brody

    YEAH… you tell em H! YOU TELL EM!

  • TOmC

    That may be the first time I’ve ever read where a WWE “official” came right out and said “we know when they’ll win and we know when they’ll lose.” I mean, we all KNOW it’s entertainment and scripted – but I thought they still wanted to give off the aire of “competition,” ya know?

    • SJ

      Problem is Randy Keith Orton is losing and it sucks!
      He was forced to have to go along with changing his look/appearance and he had to change things about his in ring character and personality that made him end up having to put over other guys who I don’t want to see or have as champion!
      Then he had to go along with behaving in ways that are unbecoming of him and that totally suck!
      Well, in comparison to how he looked, behaved, spoke and was in 2008-2009!
      He was incredibly astonishingly cool, fantastic and amazingly great!!

  • brad

    I love UFC but the ppvs really are a rip off I mean you get maybe three good fights a ppv and you have the risk of the fights either being a boring decision or a quick ko in under a minute.

  • Guest

    • Tyler Jager


  • Dee

    What an insight to the mentality of the McMahons. They are narcissistic and stuck up about their brand.

  • danielrusso

    Where do you think all those attitude era fans went? They sure as hell did not go to watch TNA or any other wrestling promotion.

    A lot of them went to go watch UFC.

    Only kids and their parents and about a million direhard fans watch wwe in 2014. In the attitude era if wwe network was 10 dollars you be damn srue it would have 3 million people subscribing per month.

  • hhhhhhhhh

    Geezz someone loves sucking ortons cock

  • Teddywestside

    most of WWE 2014 has been bad matches and stall wrestlers getting tv time.

  • the real asshole

    these 2 ass clowns honestly think their water down wwe product is better then the ufc when in fact the wwe really does suck these dayz with all the conversation and wanna be comedy they think is so damn funny so with that said ill rather watch tnawrestling which is way more entertaining

  • The Man From Jonestown

    I get the feeling that HHH and Steph don’t watch their own shows. Because I haven’t seen a compelling re-watchable story unfold on WWE television in about 10 years.

    I mean, the only story that’s anywhere near good right now is Ambrose vs. Rollins. Everything else is Fandango vs. Diego, Adam Rose vs. Mirrors and Damien Sandow vs. Dignity.


    What is this clown talking about he is delusional to even think there arent any feel good moments and stories in sports he’s crazy to suggest that fans wont even relive these moments unnless they are strictly connisuers who wouldnt relive muhammad ali,mike tyson,michael jordan,wayne gretzy,earnhart,arnold palmer yeah there are wrestling moments fans want to go back and watch but oops obvisouly not because the wwe network is hurting the company triple h go play in traffic

  • Progressed_Now

    lol someone should’ve reminded them of all the PPV refunds a while back.

  • david

    hahaha all wwe ppv blow id say ufc is winning here

  • lunchbox87

    LOL that must be why wwe brings back Bork and ride off his UFC hype

    • Carlito

      Actually didn’t UFC sign Brock and ride off his WWE fame? Yes!!!!

  • Steve Williams

    It might not necessarily be the outcome you want, but you’re guaranteed to have a great match, to have a great pay-per-view and you’re guaranteed to be entertained.”
    Really? 10/10 times when Cena wins, that the outcome we don’t want. UFC is clearly far superior show than your WWE B-grade drama shows

  • http://www.rabidpictures.com yrabadi

    They both come off as pretty naive here. I mean, I know plenty of people who go back to watch classic boxing matches, MMA fights, heck even hockey games… to suggest sports that are not booked as ‘entertainment’ have no re-watch value, is pretty ignorant.

    And don’t even get me started on HHH’s suggestion that legit sports don’t have ‘stories’ tied to them. What a silly, uneducated notion.

    Stick to WWE, Trips. Clearly you’re living in a fantasy world. With our luck, in 2024, RAWs won’t have ANY wrestling… at all.

  • a

    Well I went to Battleground and didn’t get my moneys worth with that Ambrose-Rollins match you were advertising for over a month.

  • Ryan Walker

    HHH is spot on. UFC is something completely different. Most WWE fans will watch UFC as well as WWE, but not many overall UFC fans will watch WWE. Not to mention their PPVs are on different nights. Hardly a battle for ratings. Steph however is miles off. Has she ever seen her own product? I’m disappointed by matches all the time! I guess she is just selling to investors though.

  • Christopher Flores

    Bullshit. WWE has bad matches all the time. Anyone remember when Randy Orton asked Sheamus for his lines in the middle of a match? Hell, most Orton matches suck. So do Batista and Cena. I’m not a hater on any of them, but I know a sh*t match when I see it.

    But not watching fights five years from now? People still watch Tyson/Ali fights. Hell, I watch old UFC/Pride fights quite often. They do make a good point, but there’s a LOT of bullshit they snuck in and, unfortunately, it looks like people are still buying it.

    CM Punk really hit it on the head when he mentioned Vince leaving the company to his idiot son-in-law.

  • Kenny Powers

    Comparing real fighting to fake fighting is like comparing butter to margarine! Pass me the muthafukn butter A.S.A.P! Where did all you wrestling fruits come from anyway. This is a damn MMA site!

    • Spartan112

      It’s more like comparing butter to snot.

    • Thailand Move

      If it wasn’t for wrestling which has been around well over 100 years, MMA competition would be nothing more than a off-beat spectacle of human cock fighting you mental midget.

      • ren1010

        No, jackass, if it wasn’t for the REAL wrestling back in Ancient Greece (the original MMA, mind you) there would be no FAKE wrestling.

        • goober

          And we would rather plunk down money to watch a bunch of grown-ups play pretend instead of watching real fights? And I grew up loving WWF, but after growing up, it’s just to hard to watch.

          If I were WWE, I would keep away from the comparisons… I get that in MMA, guys get injured, pull out of key matches or a fight can be over in less than a minute, but at least it’s far closer to something that’s actually happening, not being scripted!

      • Kenny Powers

        Check yourself before you wreck yourself, peasant.

  • Tony Slicer

    It more harder be WWE wrestler than UFC yes UFC 100% real but you not on the road most your life and have months off each fight WWE you have better chance get fired if fans dont llke you and there drug policy is way more harsh than UFC but they both fun to watch

  • Big Al

    WWE should not even say nothing. I used to watch wrestling a lot. back then when they had guys like Ultimate Warrior, Mr. Perfect, Bret Hart. back then it was wrestling. not like today all they do is just TALK . and no wrestling. and then here comes John Cena. Mr. Money wasted. all he cries about is getting the title back over and over. I don’t know why you want an entertaining title. it’s not even a real belt.

  • Diq

    WWE > UFC

  • http://manvsseo.blogspot.com/ Fernando Poniente

    Wait until MMA starts scheduling fights to compete with RAW and smackdown, lets see then.

  • President Mouse

    Two words for Steph’s comment: Zack Ryder

  • President Mouse

    AND Dolph Ziggler

  • ed57

    How bout real vs fake? Quit trying to convince fans why we should like fake stuff. We know what we like.
    There really is no comparison!

  • Vas

    Wwe is fake soap apera garbage period.

  • Michael Webb

    Not sure why this is a shot at the UFC. I`m a huge fan of boxing, mma, and professional wrestling and her statement seems pretty fair and accurate.

  • Edu Alves

    “We strategically build all of our Superstars and characters and we know when they are going to win and we know when they are going to lose.”

    How genius!

    Have you ever thought about the fact that not knowing who’s gonna win or lose is the whole point of sports? LoL

  • WWE Sucks TNA Is Dying

    if people lived by love there wouldnt be any fighting or fake fighting and both of these meaningless companies could both die and stop promoting violence and assaulting others.

  • Joe Clark

    Was a pro wrestling fan for a very long time. Watched them all. ECW was my absolute favorite. HHH speaks alot of truth, however I could not find myself getting into pro wrestling again. MMA has real competition, the fact that your favorite fighter could lose in a few seconds or a few minutes, is what makes your heart beat fast when watching a fight. A good MMA Promotion knows how to find fighters with styles that will get people excited and make them root for or against that fighter. Ultimately I worry about the mental health issues in both MMA and Pro Wrestling. That’s something most people never talk about.

  • Nelson

    OOOOOOOOHHHHHH ! ! ! Gimmie a GODDAMN BREAK ! ! ! WWE is FAKE ! ! ! . . UFC is REAL ! ! ! ! Pretend is always gonna be more entertaining Real. . . How can ANYONE ! ! Even try and put together an Even Argument Between the 2 ????? Every time I hear or read about people trying to explain which is better than the other I just have to walk . . . Its the same as an Adult Trying to Reason with a Child . . Its Impossible.

  • http://www.dailystormer.com the truth

    I had no idea anyone watched fake wrestling anymore..wow

  • Joec

    Only faggots and hillbillies watch WWE

  • Zerothe

    I watch past events and fights alot. I was into wrestling as well. The thing about wrestling from what they are saying, no one watches a fight over again but no one watches a wrestling match either. They all have different events weekly with the UFC and monthly with boxing and wrestling. I’d rather watch a fight that atually took place then one that was scripted. You can predict who will win alot of the time in wrestling because of the build up. Everyone knew Lesnar would end the Undertakers streek when he came back. Not everyone knew he was going to win the UFC HW strap as soon as he did though. Just be quiet Triple and stick to your thing.

  • Zam Matt

    You watch UFC because you love the sport, you watch WWE because you like the story

  • Brad

    So how were they having a shot at the UFC? They simply believe in their own product and articulated fairly well that their popularity rises from character development and intriguing storylines… Much like a good film. They were even happy to admit it was all fake and very constructed.