Yoel Romero on Michael Bisping Fight: ‘Maybe if I Bought Him a Pack of Beer it Will Happen’

Yoel Romero
Image Credit: Getty Images / Steve Marcus

Yoel Romero isn’t fond of Michael Bisping’s run as the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) middleweight title holder.

“The Solider of God” will be waiting until Bisping defends his championship against Georges St-Pierre later this year. Romero is due for a title shot after “The Count” and “Rush” trade leather.

Recently, Bisping poked fun at Romero and said Robert Whittaker is more deserving of the next title shot. Romero spoke with Flo Combat and fired back at the champion:

“I find it humorous the so called champ can fight who and when he wants to. He speaks of a code that we are to follow. There is a code that champions fight and defend their title against the best competition. He doesn’t do that and doesn’t follow the code. He is no champion in the eyes of the people or colleagues. Maybe if I buy him a six…no a twelve pack of beer and tell him I won’t take him down, or maybe if I tell him I will only take him down it will happen. Who knows? Dana and my management have said I am next and I believe that I am. It doesn’t matter what Bisping says as we can see he isn’t the one calling the shots. It’s GSP.”