Yoshiyuki Yoshida Latest Fighter To Move To Team Greg Jackson

From MMAweekly.com:

“I think I thought about the opponent too much and basically forgot to fight my style of fight,” Yoshida told MMAWeekly in an exclusive interview prior to his fight at UFC 98. “So this time, I want to go and just do what I do best and win.”

What Yoshida did to get back to his winning ways was completely change his training routine, and that included adding himself into the mix at Greg Jackson's gym in New Mexico.

“I have been training at Greg Jackson's at almost two full months. For this fight I didn't wanted to train in Japan. If I train in Japan then coming to America and fight in the UFC, that itself would put everything into something extraordinarily and rare,” Yoshida stated. “I wanted to approach this fight like any other fight I fought in Japan. So train in New Mexico for full two months, then take short flight out to Vegas to fight. It's about changing the environment to prepare for this fight in a different mindset.”