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David Loiseau Talks To About UFC 63

The following interview with David “The Crow” Loiseau was conducted by J.C. Weyand for & The interview was conducted on September 18th, 2006.

J.C. Weyand: Dave, how's it going today?

David Loiseau: I'm feeling good, very good my friend. How are you?

J.C. Weyand: I'm pretty good. What have you been up to since your last fight at UFC 58 against Rich Franklin?

David Loiseau: Oh, I've been doing a lot of training. Training hard and traveling. I went down to San Diego with Dean Lister, just a lot of training – a lot of work, you know? We're working on my mistakes and the stuff I have to work on. I'm just trying to make myself a better fighter for when I go out there [to fight], you know?

J.C. Weyand: Training with Dean Lister can't help but improve your ground game, so is that [your ground work] a focus now?

David Loiseau: Yeah, of course we've been focusing on the ground game a lot, and also the stand up, you know? We're working on everything. Anything that needs to be worked on, we're working on it.

J.C. Weyand: We'll your next fight is at UFC 63 against TUF alumni Mike Swick. How are you preparing for this fight?

David Loiseau: We prepared very well for this fight, we trained very hard. Like I just said before we're working hard on the strategy, the conditioning, the striking the grappling, everything. We're working very hard and we took Mike Swick very seriously and we're looking forward to a great fight.

J.C. Weyand: I take it since you're training with some new people, the preparation is quite a bit different than your title fight with Rich Franklin. Do you care to elaborate on that?

David Loiseau: Well, this is just because…yeah, I did train with different people but I always train hard no matter what so it doesn't really….it's not that different, you know?

J.C. Weyand: Both you and Swick are known for outstanding stand up skills. Would you rather keep this fight on the feet or take it to the ground?

David Loiseau: The way we trained, it's all about Ultimate Fighting, you know? I train to try and make sure the fight is exciting no matter where it's at. So wherever the fight may go, I will make sure it's exciting. I'm planning on just putting on a great show for the fans.

J.C. Weyand: So are you going to go for the knockout or are we going to see some submission attempts?

David Loiseau: Well, you'll see me fighting very hard and being very explosive no matter if it's a submission attempt or a knockout, I'll just be going for it you know..and going hard.

J.C. Weyand: Are you worried about the KO power of Mike “Quick” Swick?

David Loiseau: Am I worried about his KO power?

J.C. Weyand: Yeah.

David Loiseau: I'm not really focused on that, I'm focused on fighting him. He's a very powerful striker. He's very good at speed with power. We trained really hard for him so we're ready, you know? We're ready for anything he'll bring to the table. We trained hard.

J.C. Weyand: After this fight, what's next?

David Loiseau: After this fight, I don't care about what's next because I don't look past my opponent. All I think about is Mike Swick, for this fight. I just don't look past my opponents. I'm very, very focused.

J.C. Weyand: Do you have any upcoming fights specifically scheduled that the UFC may have talked to you about, or just anyone out there you might like to fight?

David Loiseau: No, nothing scheduled. I don't really care about anything else but Mike Swick right now.

J.C. Weyand: Your training partner and friend Patrick Cote is currently featured on The Ultimate Fighter 4. What are your thoughts on his chances to win it all?

David Loiseau: Cote is a very good fighter. He's a very much underrated fighter, underrated for what he's done in the UFC thus far, but I think his chances are very, very well.

J.C. Weyand: What are your personal feelings toward a possible Jorge Rivera vs. Patrick Cote match-up?

David Loiseau: Should be a great fight. Should be a great fight. Both of them are exciting and good fighters, it should be a good fight.

J.C. Weyand: Before we wrap up do you have anything you'd like to say to all your fans?

David Loiseau: Oh, my fans? Thank you for the support. Thank you for the kind words after my last fight. I always try to make myself a better fighter, always try to push myself hard for you guys. God Bless all you guys. I'd like to thank Xyience for helping me out and sponsoring me.

Don't forget to check out David “The Crow” Loiseau in action this Saturday night live on pay-per view at UFC 63 “Hughes vs. Penn”, where the tough Canadian Middleweight will battle Ultimate Fighter season 1 star Mike “Quick” Swick. We'll have live play-by-play results coverage of the entire event this Saturday night at Also, check out the interview section for more great exclusive MMA fighter interviews.

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