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Results – Ultimate Fighter 4 – Episode 6

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Episode 6 – Captain Miserable
Air date: 9/21/2006

Fighters recap the Din Thomas vs. Mikey Burnett fight in which Mikey not only tapped, but also may have blacked out for a moment. Team Mojo is ecstatic to have control back in their hands. A disappointed Team No Love member, Jorge Rivera, says he was really looking forward to choosing Pete “Drago” Sell as his opponent. He thinks Team Mojo wants him to fight Patrick Cote and then have Pete fight a less experienced Charles McCarthy.

Meanwhile, Charles is sitting on a stationary bike moping about his Mikey’s loss. This begins a rant from the guys about how miserable Charles is all the time, so much so that they’ve nicknamed him “Captain Miserable.” To make matters worse, someone in the house has written on Charles request list — “a personality.” Charles inspects the list for matching handwriting and comes to the conclusion that it was Pete Sell. He confronts Pete by asking him if they have a beef? He denies any involvement but is upset about being falsely accused. Shonie Carter reveals that he, in fact, was the culprit.

As Team No Love sits around wondering who will be called out next, Randy walks in with a little surprise for Jorge. He informs Jorge that his wife just gave birth to a baby daughter. Along with his congratulations, Randy hands Jorge an Amp’d Mobile phone. Using Amp’d Mobile’s video feature, Jorge is able to see footage of his newborn.

The next day, the guys arrive at the gym for the fight announcement. While there, Dana brings in Rich Franklin and tells the guys that he’ll be there for a week, helping as a guest trainer. Then Pete Sell calls out Charles McCarthy for the next middleweight fight. Charles says that he’s not worried. He’s been calculating things from the start of the competition and an equation told him he’d be fighting Pete Sell, so he’s prepared.

Rich Franklin gets in a workout with Team No Love. Charles thinks it’s helpful having someone of Rich’s caliber in the gym. As 25 year-old Charles prepares for his fight, he tells us that he comes from an educated family. With the help of his family and friends, he has achieved all of his short-term goals. His ultimate goal however is to get in the UFC. He’s only had one fight in the UFC in which he lost to David Loiseau at UFC 53. The fight ended when Loiseau kicked him in the gut hard enough to stun him and then started raining down punches.

Dana explains how that fight made Charles a human highlight reel and that this will be his chance to avenge that loss. Charles feels he’s a different fighter now and can’t wait to take home the money and the victory.

Matt Serra thinks the fight between Charles and Pete is going to be solid. Pete is only 23 years old and was born to fight. According to his mother, his hands were in fists even as an infant. He grew up in a rough neighborhood so he’s not afraid of mixing it up. His UFC record is one win and one loss. His first fight was against Phil Baroni at UFC 51. There was a lot of pre-fight trash talking between Baroni’s and Sell’s camp. At the time, Phil was also one of the top middleweight strikers in the world so Pete was definitely the underdog in the fight. Phil dominated the first two rounds, but in the third round, Pete caught him in a guillotine and choked him out. It was the only time Baroni has ever been submitted. Pete’s second fight was at Ultimate Fight Night 1 against Nate Quarry. Early in the first round, Nate punched Pete, knocking him down. Nate jumped on top of him and the referee immediately jumped on top of both of them to stop the fight. There was a lot of controversy about the decision to stop the fight, so now Pete is getting another shot.

Fight day. Pete says he lives for this stuff and is pumped for the fight. Charles believes that he has already proven that he belongs in the UFC. He says he knows this because the UFC calls his phone. Pete just wants to knock out Captain Miserable. Both fighters enter the octagon ready for war.

In round one they trade punches for the first minute. They clinch and that’s when Pete takes Charles down. Charles tries to twist and turn out of it, even attempting a leg lock, but Pete frees his leg and starts raining down punches on Charles. Pete continues to punish Charles while trying to pass guard. Charles manages to get back on his feet but Pete is quick to take him back down. Pete continues to throw punches to the end of the round.

Right out of the gate of round two, Pete catches Charles in a guillotine choke but Pete is unable to sustain it long enough to get Charles to tap. Charles frees himself and pins Pete down. Charles throws a couple of punches but the look on Pete’s face says he’s not causing any real damage. Charles continues to lay on top of Pete and smacks him with a couple of elbows into his side. Pete makes a couple of attempts to break free but Charles is right on top of him. At the end of the round, Dana checks with the judges. It’s determined that the fight is going to a sudden victory round.

In round three, they stand and trade punches for the first minute and a half, then Pete takes Charles down and slams a few elbows into his face. Charles struggles to get out from under the grip of Pete. With a minute to go, he almost succeeds, but Pete manages to hold on. Right at the end, Charles makes a last minute attempt at an arm bar but it’s not enough and the fight goes to Pete.

As they recap the fight, Charles thinks he tore his ACL in round one. Rich Franklin thinks Pete lost round two when he couldn’t get off his back even though Charles didn’t do much damage from the top. Pete feels he went for the gusto in round three and pulled out a victory. Charles believes he showed everyone what he’s capable of. He leaves the competition; disappointed that he won’t be bringing home the money that he hoped would help him start his family.

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