Saturday, November 27, 2021

Kurt Angle Says UFC Tried To “Own Him”, & More

The following is from a Kurt Angle media conference call held earlier today:

Question: Word was you talked to UFC, who did they want you to face and what do you think about Dana's thoughts on you now?

Kurt Angle's Response: “The deal he offered me he wanted an actor for sure. I didn't want to be owned by anyone, and Dana [White] is a lot like Vince [McMahon]. I considered going there, but he wanted a long-term exclusive deal. He wanted me to fight some kid from Tough Enough and is trying to make money off my name. When I stepped into the ring with him I had little feeling in my arms, now is a different story. The money was a great offer, but they wanted me as a poster boy more than a fighter. Dana and UFC are great and on the rise, but I didn't want to be owned. The fight would have been a huge buy-rate, but it just wasn't for me. If I do fight, I will probably go with UFC. I would work with [Daniel] Puder if TNA signed him, but he really isn't that good as WWE tried with him but he just wasn't good enough and not near my level or at the level of anyone in TNA, he doesn't have it. I have no respect for him. I am a different guy, I am bigger and have all my strength back so he couldn't do it again. At that time almost anyone could have done that to me at the time, in the end a stupid idea from Vince.”

To read the full Kurt Angle conference transcript, which mostly touches on pro wrestling and his personal life/current troubles, click here.


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