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Results – Ultimate Fighter – Episode 9

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Episode 9 – Semi-Final Match-Ups
Air date: 10/12/2006

The show starts off with a recap of the Cote vs. Rivera fight from some of the fighters. The general consensus is that Rivera was controlling the fight in the beginning of the first round, but then Cote nailed Jorge with a vicious up-kick sending him to the canvas. Rivera survived the round, but never fully recovered from the knock down and Cote won the decision. The next day at the Team Mojo training session another special guest trainer surprises the fighters. With no official announcement, welterweight world champion Matt Hughes wanders into the training center and greets Team Mojo. Everyone seems excited with Matt Hughes showing up except for Georges St. Pierre, who appears a little uncomfortable. Matt Hughes walks up to GSP, shakes his hand, and then makes fun of the Shonie Carter decorated hat that he’s wearing. Patrick Cote, who is a good friend of GSP, comments on the fact that it must be weird for his friend to be around Matt Hughes, knowing that he’s going to be fighting him soon for the title. GSP then decides to the leave the training center because of Matt Hughes presence. He reveals that he doesn’t want to be around him, train with him, or be friends with him. When he says goodbye to Matt Hughes, Matt slams him with, “we’ll take of your job for you.” And then laughs in his face. During the training session, Matt Hughes rolls with the fighters and talks about how this experience is very laid back for him due to the fact that these guys are all veteran fighters and they don’t need a lot of coaching. Matt Serra talks about what he thinks of Hughes. He says that he’s a nice enough guy, but is basically a cocky jock that he wouldn’t like hanging out with outside of the gym. The next day Dana calls all of the semi-finalists down to the UFC Training Center. He meets with each of them to hear whom they’d like to fight in the semi-finals. The middleweights are up first. Travis Lutter enters the room and states that he can beat every one of the middleweight semi-finalists so it doesn’t matter to him. Patrick Cote is next and he thinks that Edwin DeWees and him would be a good fight. Edwin also feels that Patrick and him would be a good fight. Pete Sell enters the room with an unusual request. He says that because he has become close to Patrick Cote during the show and wants to fight him in the finals that he will take the tougher fight, which will be against Travis Lutter. Matt Hughes is stunned with this thinking saying that Pete should want the easier fight now so that he can be injury free for the finals. After the middleweight meetings, Dana calls all of the middleweights into the gym for the semi-final fight announcements. But before announcing the fight match ups, Dana reveals that in addition to the $100,000 cash prize and title shot for the winner of the Ultimate Fighter Finals, Xyience is also kicking in a $100,000 one year sponsorship deal. Dana then announces the first middleweight fight. It’s going to be Pete Sell vs. Travis Lutter. The second middleweight fight will be Patrick Cote vs. Edwin DeWees. Next up are the welterweights.

The welterweights are called to the UFC Training Center for the semi-final match-up meetings. Matt Serra is the first to enter the room occupied with Dana and the trainers. Matt comments that it looks like the Jedi Council when he first walks in. Dana then asks him whom he would like to fight. Matt wants to fight Shonie because he wants redemption from his earlier loss to him by the infamous spinning back-fist. The next welterweight to enter is Din Thomas. Din states very plainly that he wants to fight Chris Lytle. Din says that he has wanted to fight Chris since the beginning of the show. Shonie then comes into the room stating that he’s cooler than a cucumber on an iceberg in the Atlantic and goes into a diatribe on who he wants to fight and why. Shonie Carter requests Din Thomas because he has already fought and beaten Chris Lytle and Matt Serra. Chris Lytle then enters and says that anyone of these fighters would be a good match-up for him. After Chris leaves the room, Dana deliberates with the trainers about the fight match-ups. At the welterweight semi-final fight announcement, Dana repeats what he told the middleweights about the $100,000 bonus from Xyience and then announces the match-ups. The first welterweight fight is going to be Chris Lytle vs. Din Thomas. And the second match-up is the fight everyone has been waiting for; Matt Serra vs. Shonie Carter. Dana states that he’s excited about all of the semi-final match-ups and he feels the Lytle vs. Thomas fight is a great one to kick off the semi-finals. After the semi-final fights are set, Matt Hughes invites all of the semi-finalist out to a sushi dinner. At the dinner Matt starts playing head games with Georges St. Pierre and Din Thomas tells GSP to kick Matt’s ass when he fights him for the title. Matt overhears Din and starts harassing Din. On the van ride back to the house, Matt Serra can’t believe how Matt Hughes acted at the restaurant goes off on his behavior. Serra asks the question, “When you get the belt does that give you a license to be a penis?”

At the next Team Mojo training session, Din Thomas and Chris Lytle have a quiet moment with each other speculating about who ever wins their fight will probably go on to win the whole show. Din also says that if he doesn’t win, he hopes that Chris wins it all. Din then reveals that he and Chris will continue to train with each other for their fight. Chris feels that Din has more speed than he does, but he definitely has more power than Din. Din talks about how intense their training sessions and sparring has been over the coarse of the show. Chris has no doubt in his mind that his fight with Din will be an exciting fight. Din says that they’re roommates and Chris cooks for him. They have a very tight friendship. Chris says that he’s fought friends before, but he’s never battled one after having trained with one for so long. Din has no problem hurting a friend when it comes to fight. At the official weigh-in, Dana talks about how the fight between Chris and Din is very tough fight to pick a winner. The next day is fight day. On the way to the gym, Chris talks about how this is going to be the biggest fight of his career and he’s not going to be happy until he’s won the finals. As Din gets taped up for the fight, he states that the advantage he has in this fight is that he’s been preparing for Chris with Chris. He adds that he will need to be elusive in order to win this fight.

As Din enters the Octagon he guarantees that this will be the best fight of the season. Chris enters the cage saying that during this fight they’re going to try to knock each other out. After that they can be friends again.

Round one of the first semi-final fight starts. Chis and Din spend the first minute of the round measuring each other up. Then Chris throws a right hook that misses and Din goes for a take down. Chris defends the takedown and positions himself on top of Din who immediately pulls guard. After about a minute on the ground, the referee stands them up and Chris pushes the action with a couple punches to Din’s head. Chris then pushes Din into the cage and takes him down. While on bottom Din tries to work a guillotine choke, but Chris slips out of it and then the ref stands them up again. For the rest of the round the two fighters boxed each other and Chris landed more of the shots. At the end of the round some of the trainers indicate that the official timekeeper made an error and the round went for six minutes instead of five.

Round two starts out with Chris coming out very aggressive, throwing punches and kicks. Din defends well, but Chris’ power is too much for him and Din goes for a takedown and gets caught underneath Chris. Chris hits Din with a few punches while on top and denies Din of any submission attempts. The referee then stands them up again and Chris continues to push he pace of the fight with his stand up game leaving Din in a defensive posture for the entire round.

Round three starts out exactly like round two with Chris forcing punches and kicks on Din. Din then drives Chris into the cage and finally gets a takedown. Chris then takes control again, attempts a guillotine choke and then rolls Din on to his back. Din squirms out of the choke and pulls guard. Chris then works more punches from the top position until the referee stands them up again. With just over a minute left in the round, both fighters look tired. Chris still pushes the action with his jabs and Din manages to get a few shots in his defense. Chris then takes Din down again and maintains his position as best as he can until the referee stands them up yet again. With a little over fifteen seconds left Din takes Chris down and delivers a small flurry of punches to Chris’ face, but then the round ends. In the fight recap, Chris says that he wanted to establish his heavy hands. Din was surprised about that because Chris never threw big right hands during practice. Chris felt that he won the second round. Din talks about how he threw a lot of good shots even though he spent considerable time on his back and felt he won that round. In round three, both fighters felt like they landed their share of good punches and Din felt that his strong finish might help decide the fight. The winner is announced, and Chris Lytle is awarded the fight by unanimous decision. Din admits that it might have been a mistake to fight Chris in the semis, but now that it’s over he hopes Chris wins the whole thing. Chris says that to be in the finals competing against eight tough people is a dream come true.


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