Friday, January 28, 2022

UFC To Sign Matt Lindland To Fight Anderson Silva?

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UFC looks to Lindland

Inside sources have informed us that the UFC has contacted Matt Lindland to face their new Middleweight Champion, Anderson Silva. Lindland's takedown skills and ability to take out top strikers have the UFC intereseted in a matchup between him and the Brazilian standup ace. After defeating Jeremy Horn and noly losing a razor thin decision to Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, Matt has become the hot commodity at 185lbs. There are 2 factors impeding the scheduling of this match. Number 1 is that Matt still has a fight left in his WFA contract. The second issue is money. So far the UFC's offers have been considered less than generous compared to what the WFA and IFC have offered him. For Matt to fight in the UFC he will have to completely relinquish fighting in other organizations and he would like to be compensated accordingly.

There will be meetings between Matt and the UFC in the upcoming days to see if these issues can be resolved and if a Anderson Silva vs. Matt Lindland fight can become a reality.


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