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Very Detailed UFC 64 “Unstoppable” PPV Results From Oct. 14th

UFC 64 “Unstoppable”

From Las Vegas, Nevada

October 14, 2006

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Fight #1:

-Kurt Pellegrino vs. Junior Assuncao

Detailed Result: Round opened with both fighters swinging somewhat widely until Pellegrino gets a takedown. Pellegrino landed a big punch and tied up Assuncao until he got his back and sunk in the rear naked choke at 2:04 of the submission victory.

Kurt Pellegrino def. Junior Assuncao via Submission (rear naked choke) at 2:04 of Round 1.

Fight #2:

-Clay Guida vs. Justin James

Detailed Result: James opened the round with some good thai-boxing, landing knees to the head and body in the clinch early on. Guida eventually got a takedown and followed up with some ground and pound that had James hurt. With very little time in the round, James nearly finished the bout with an armbar, but Guida fought it off nicely. Good first round. Guida opens round two with a takedown into James' guard. Guida was grounding and pounding within James' guard. He stood up and landed some big punches ala Penn-Hughes I. After a couple more brutal shots, James started to turn his back to Guida. Guida took his back and got the rear naked choke at 4:42 for the submission victory.

Clay Guida def. Justin James via Submission (rear naked choke) at 4:42 of Round 2.

Fight #3:

-Kalib Starnes vs. Yushin Okami

Detailed Result: Round opens with Starnes landing a good right punch. The two are clinched against the fence and the action stalls for a bit before the referee breaks the two. Okami started to find his range with his hands and eventually got a takedown and began working punches from within Starnes guard. The round ends as Starnes makes it back to his feet. Round two opens up with not much happening. At one point, Okami lands a knee to Starnes in a bad area which resulted in Starnes getting a few moments to recover. He was able to continue and came in to eat some punches and kicks to the body from Okami. Round three opens with Okami landing a punch that hurt Starnes. Okami got a trip takedown and landed some big punches from within Starnes' guard. Starnes rolls over and Okami lands a big left from on top of Starnes' back that hurt him. Okami straightened him out and finished with punches to the head for a TKO stoppage at 1:40.

Yushin Okami def. Kalib Starnes via TKO (strikes) at 1:40 of Round 3.

Fight #4:

-Keith Jardine vs. Mike Nickels

Detailed Result: This fight was cancelled due to an injury sustained by Mike Nickels the day of the fight.

LIVE PPV RESULTS (more detailed):

Fight #5:

-Spencer Fisher vs. Dan Lauzon

Round 1: Round one opens with a technical black out, well snow screen that eventually turned green and gray after the usual black and gray. Not sure if that was just local problems. Anyways, we come back at about 4:20 in round one with Fisher on his back with Lauzon on top. Lauzon stands up and kicks the legs and theows in punches until he settles in Fisher's guard again. After working some ground and pound Lauzon stands up and does more leg kicks. Fisher eventually scrambles back to his feet and Lauzon dives in for a takedown, pressing Fisher against the cage. He eventually gets it, but Fisher gets up again. Lauzon forces Fisher against the fence again, Fisher gets some space and lands a flying knee, in typical Fisher fashion. Another knee and Lauzon is hurt, he's landing elbows also. Lauzon lays down in the four point position and Fisher hits him from over top. Back on the feet, Fisher lands another knee to the body followed by some punches and the fight is over.

Spencer Fisher def. Dan Lauzon via TKO (strikes) at 4:38 of Round 1.

Fight #6:

-Cheick Kongo vs. Carmelo Marrero

Round 1: Marrero round, but not entertaining. On the feet for the first minute and a half to two minutes the two didn't do much, Kongo was probably getting the better with leg kicks. On the ground, Marrera had top position and remained on top the entire round, not doing much but doing enough to probably win the round 10-9.

Round 2: Another somewhat uneventful round. Mostly spent on the ground with Marrero on top, but Kongo had a guillotine from the bottom that looked to have Marrero in trouble. Leg kicks during the small amount of time on the feet were bothering Marrero, as Kongo was landing some good one's.

Round 3: Better round for Kongo, but pretty similar to the first two. Kongo had top position a couple of times, though so did Marrero. Kongo was punishing him with leg kicks sparringly again, probably a Kongo round. Round two was debatable, according to the money betters in this house, but I got it 2-1 for Marrero, with round two being debatable.

Carmelo Marrero def. Cheick Kongo via Split Decision (29-28 Marrero, 29-28 Kongo, 29-28 Marrero) after 3 Rounds.

Fight #7:

-Jon Fitch vs. Kuniyoshi Hironaka

Round 1: Not a very exciting round, although for several minutes Hironaka had somewhat of a triangle choke on, although Fitch had his arm in – similar to a guillotine with the arm in. He could have done a submission with the arm inside as he had control of the upper body. Nonetheless, most of the round was spent with Fitch trying to get out and Hironaka trying to get a better hold on the submission. With about a minute left, Fitch got out and got on top and tried for a choke but never got it. He landed some good elbows too. Still, in my opinion 10-9 Hironaka, even though everyone in this room disagrees with me. For what it's worth, I bet Fitch here and I still am stating my case for Hironaka in round one. But despite that, going into round two Fitch seems to have more left and more aggressiveness.

Round 2: Round two opens with Fitch landing a big head kick followed by a huge slam-takedown. Fitch worked some ground and pound, and eventually Hironaka tried another triangle but Fitch eventually escaped. Hironaka turns, and Fitch tries taking his back but Hironaka scrambles back to guard. Fitch is on top working some good body shots in Hironaka's butterfly guard. Referee stands the fighters up with two minutes left in the round. Fitch lands some good combos with the hands followed by a good kick and another big takedown. On the ground, Fitch has Hironaka against the fence with just over a minute remaining. Fitch continues pounding away to the body on top. Fitch works some good elbows to the head and face. Hironaka throws his legs up and is hoping for an armbar or some sort of arm submission, maybe a triangle. Fitch escapes and pounds down some more. The round ended with a bunch of hard elbows. I've got it 1-1, everyone else reminds me how they think it's 2-0. Time will tell.

Round 3: Round opens with Fitch working some furious combos with the hands, a lot of which landed. Hironaka hit one counter punch that stunned Fitch briefly. Hironaka lands a spinning back kick to Fitch but didn't phase him. Fitch gets another impressive takedown. The fight is stopped for a cut check on Fitch, he's pouring blood. It's from the nose so the fight resumes in the same position, Fitch on top in Hironaka's guard. Fitch continues working effective ground and pound, staying busy and despite being bloody, has Hironaka's face looking – not so good. After a lengthy period of effective elbows and punches from Fitch on top, he slows down and the ref restarts it with just a minute to remain. On the ground, Fitch stays busy but Hironaka eventually scrambles up and the two slug it out to finish the round, with Fitch getting the better. He actually hurt him and could have probably finished him with a little more time. I got it 2-1 Fitch, but expect at least one 30-27 simply because Fitch was on top all round one, and UFC judges seem to favor wrestling.

Jon Fitch def. Kuniyoshi Hironaka via Unanimous Decision (30-25, 30-27, 30-27) after 3 Rounds.

Fight #8:

-Sean Sherk vs. Kenny Florian (UFC LW Title)

Round 1: Sherk, 10-9. Sherk immediately took him down to start the round, sat in Florian's guard most of the round doing pitty-patter ground and pound as Florian kept adjusting his hips and squirming around. Eventually, from underneath Florian locks a tight guillotine, despite Sherk's arm being in, and looked to be dangerous. Sherk got out, and at one point almost had a triangle and an armbar on Florian, until Florian scrambled out and almost took Sherk down, but Sherk out-muscled him and finished pounding away on top of Florian.

Round 2: Round opened with Florian landing some high kicks, although Sherk took him down. From the bottom, Florian landed an elbow at one point that had Sherk spilling blood like Edwin Dewees on TUF 4 this year. Still, probably a 10-9 Sherk round, although once again the entire betting room has Florian winning round two. And for the record, all those saying Florian won the round are betting for him, with me betting for Sherk. Bloody mess though, and Sherk is gushing.

Round 3: Round three was probably Sherk's, although again Sherk was pouring blood from horn to horn, so you could be distracted. Florian again landed good kicks early on the feet, until Sherk took him down – as he's been doing at will. Round ended with the two slugging it out good. Great fight thus far.

Round 4: Some people might call this a slow fight because most of it is on the ground is the same position, but it's a very entertaining fight. On the feet, Florian shows signs of hope with awesome kicks landing almost at will, but Sherk can take him down almost whenever he wants. At the same time, Sherk is bleeding terribly and his corner can't control the bleeding. Despite that, Sherk should be in a comfortable lead head into the final round.

Round 5: Round five was another good one. Probably a Sherk round again. Much of the same with on the feet Florian getting kicks at will, mostly to the body and Sherk getting takedowns whenever he wants. Sherk wasn't bleeding as bad as the other rounds, but still spilling some red. Several times towards the end of the round Florian was grabbing the fence, got several warnings but never lost a point. Nevertheless, I got 4-1 for Sherk with the only round against him being based on my friends description of the early portion of a round I missed while writing play-by-play of the previous round.

Sean Sherk def. Kenny Florian via Unanimous Decision (49-46, 49-46, 50-48) after 5 Rounds to capture the vacant UFC Lightweight title.


Fight #9:

-Rich Franklin (c) vs. Anderson Silva (UFC MW Title)

Round 1: Anderson Silva wins by knockout, brutal vicious knockout a little over half way through round one. It was all on the feet, and even throughout most of the early part of the round but eventually Silva got a Muay Thai clinch and landed so many vicious knees to the body, both sides relentlessly back and forth, eventually touches and that chin and Franklin never recovered, despite remaining upright and landing a good punch after some seperation. Silva got a clinch again and blasted him with punches that really hurt him and a vicious knees that dropped Franklin, and he was completely out. “Big” John stopped it, and we have a new Middleweight champion.

Anderson Silva def. Rich Franklin via KO (knee) at 3:59 of Round 1 to become the new undisputed UFC Middleweight title.


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