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Very Detailed UFC Fight Night Shamrock-Ortiz 3 Results

Thanks to Matt Boone & MMANEWS.COM for the following:

Ultimate Fight Night (The Final Chapter)
October 10th, 2006 live on Spike TV
Hollywood, Florida, U.S.A.
Report written by MMANEWS.COM


Fight #1:
-Forrest Petz vs. Marcus Davis

Detailed Result: Fight didn't last past one round. Round opened with both fighters feeling each other out on the feet. Not terribly exciting but they're staying busy. After most of the round was spent on the feet, the finish came at 4:58 of the round when Davis secured a guillotine choke on Petz to finish the fight via submission.

Fight #2:
-Thiago Alves vs. John Alessio

Detailed Result: Round one was definitely an Alves round. Alessio wanted the fight on the ground the entire time, completely the opposite gameplan he had with Diego Sanchez. He never got it there and ate leg kicks throughout most of the round. The second round was pretty much the same, although Alessio got a takedown towards the end. Final round saw the action stall a little bit. Alessio took a low blow and needed a moment to recover. Alessio finished the round with a takedown, but didn't do much else. Likely 30-27 across the board for Alves. And that's what it is. Alves wins via unanimous decision with three seperate 30-27 cards.

Fight #3:
-Josh Haynes vs. Rory Singer

Detailed Result: First round opened with the two striking. Haynes is getting the better of the exchanges for most of the first round. Singer nearly stops Haynes towards the end of the round. Haynes' nose is busted up pretty good. Second round opened with Haynes landing a big left followed by an overhand right that floored Singer. Haynes finished the round out with ground and pound. In the last round, Singer dominated the action. Singer got a takedown – worked his ground and pound. The fight was even stopped at one point to check cuts on Haynes. Rory Singer wins the bout via unanimous decision with scores of 29-28 three times.

Fight #4:
-Tony DeSouza vs. Dustin Hazelett

Detailed Result: Round opens with Hazelett getting the better on the feet. DeSouza eventually gets a takedown, but Hazelett slaps on a triangle choke. While defending, DeSouza passed to side control and secures a kimura that forces the tap for the submission victory. Tony DeSouza wins via kimura submission at 3:59 of round one.

Fight #5:
-Nathan Marquardt vs. Crafton Wallace

Detailed Result: This is the last prelim fight, all fights from here on out will have detailed write-ups for each round, on the dot. Round begins with the two trading low kicks. Marquardt gets a big slam-takedown which leads into side control. Wallace gains half guard for a moment, but Marquardt moves back to side mount. The rest of the round was Marquardt landing punches and elbows. Second round opens with Marquardt catching a Wallace low-kick to take it to the floor and gain top position. Wallace turns his back though and Marquardt gets his hooks in and slaps on a fight-ending rear naked choke. Marquardt wins by submission at 1:14 of the second round.

LIVE TV RESULTS (more detailed):

Fight #6:
-Matt Hamill vs. Seth Petruzelli

Round 1: And's own radio co-host for Combat Fighter Zone (CFZ Radio) – Seth Petruzelli makes his non-Ultimate Fighter UFC debut against TUF 3 veteran Matt Hamill in the TV opener. Listen to Petruzelli talk about this fight from the latest edition of CFZ Radio at the official Combat Fighter Zone website.

Good first round, a Hamill round. First minute or so was on the feet, no clear advantage either way but a slight advantage to Petruzelli. Hamill eventually gets it to the ground where he opens a bad cut on Petruzelli's right eye, where some swelling is also occuring. Round remained on the ground with Hamill mainly controlling position and throwing elbows.

Round 2: Petruzelli's eye wasn't looking good at all at the end of that round. Early on, while ducking in, Hamill ate a big kick from Petruzelli followed by some mean punches on the ground. Later in the round Hamill reestablished top position and controlled most of the round with elbows. Petruzelli was bleeding and swelling pretty bad at the end of that round.

Round 3: Very dramatic final round, the almost didn't look like would even happen. Then in the round, much more drama. Lots of blood. Petruzelli landed a spinning kick that caught the eye of Hamill and stunned him, Petruzelli eventually realized and charged in landing some good punches. Didn't finish the job and later in the round Hamill got a big slam and finished with ground and pound. During the final seconds, Petruzelli almost got an armbar but Hamill quickly escaped. The fight was stopped at one point to check Petruzelli's eye and it was an absolute mess. Hamill had a nasty gash as well, although under the eye. We await the official judges scorecards.

Matt Hamill def. Seth Petruzelli via Unanimous Decision (29-28, 30-27, 29-28).

Fight #7:
-Ed Herman vs. Jason MacDonald

Round 1: Total domination in an upset here. MacDonald seems to be a ground wizard. He had several close submissions attempts after a Herman takedown, but ultimately gets a triangle choke and Herman after a lot of resistance finally tapped out. Awesome performance by MacDonald.

Jason MacDonald def. Ed Herman via Submission (triangle choke) at 2:43 of Round 1.

Fight #8:
-Kendall Grove vs. Chris Price

Round 1: Grove wins by tapout from strikes in the first round. He dominated the fight for the most part. Eventually got mount and pounded elbows until Price tapped out. After the fight, he did the Tito Ortiz gravedigger routine and Ortiz was shown backstage (he's up next) smiling.

Kendall Grove def. Chris Price via Submission (strikes) at 3:59 of Round 1.

Fight #9:

-Tito Ortiz vs. Ken Shamrock

Round 1: Another quick win for Ortiz – this time justified. Shamrock didn't come out overly aggressive like last time, but got too close and was wrestling around with Ortiz. Ortiz muscled him around the octagon and eventually got a leg and took him down. Once down, Shamrock was already up against the fence with Ortiz working his elbows immediately. He survived, as Ortiz wasn't as aggressive as last time either initially. Eventually, Ortiz caught him and stunned him enough to start banging punches relentlessly until Shamrock was clearly in need of being helped from the ref, and was at the exact correct moment – big UFC's finest “Big” John McCarthy. Ortiz afterwards did his gravedigger routine, flipped off Ken and began walking away as Shamrock was trying to shake his hand. Ortiz stopped in his tracks and threw his hands up, turned around and hugged Shamrock as the crowd cheered. Then they talked to each other and shook hands. Shamrock held Ortiz's hand up and walked around the octagon with him.

Tito Ortiz def. Ken Shamrock via KO (punches) at 2:23 of Round 1.

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