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Bas Rutten Tells His Side Of The Story On Jerry Millen/PRIDE

The following is a post made by MMA legend “El Guapo” Bas Rutten over at the Sherdog forums describing the back story with PRIDE Vice President Jerry Millen.

To read our detailed interview with Millen, where he explains his side of the story, click here.

Before we start I would like you to understand that when I read the article on CBS, I emailed Gary Millen and told him that he had to tell the truth. If he wouldn’t take back the lies that he said in your interview, he would have a problem with me. I told him not a physical problem, like that I was going to beat him up or something, but a problem with me telling the people things about him that are the truth, like, and I quote, how he got the Pride job.
He wrote me back, I guess he thinks he’s a fighter now, because he surrounds himself with it, and he told me that he would never do what I said (guess he didn’t like it in Japan when I told him what to back off from Mauro), I told him “sounds good!” and here we are.
So this is directed to HIM personally and NOT Pride. He started this shit, he will receive, I warned him like I said but I think he doesn’t know what I really know about him and his memory must be a sponge since I told him all this one time before.
Now he says AGAIN that he was the reason we got fired, so here is the truth.

First of all, everything is fake about this guy, his name is Gary Millen, not Jerry, he doesn’t think Gary sounds cool so Jerry was the name, ask for his drivers licence. About his appearance I have some comments too, but that’s for later, I have way more on him.
I told the interviewer of CBS everything that I wrote here, but I think he was tied by some things that I said, so I give it personally to you.

He got his job by faking that he knew the MMA game, his friend, who knows MMA, would tell him through a microphone (he was wearing a headset) what he would have to say when watching a tape of MMA. That tape he send to the Pride people, they believed he could do it and they took him in.

So that’s how he came in, as a new play by play commentator. He said in the interview that he came in as the producer, but that was another lie because his own words to me (and from the Japanese representatives) were; “I did come in for Stephen his job, but than they gave me this job, so we don’t have to fire Stephen”. That’s what he and they said to me, because the real truth is that when he was in Japan I think he started realizing that he could never do Stephen’s job so he swung himself to another direction and took the job from Michael Braverman, the former US producer, so he got fired. When he took his job over, that’s where the complains on the internet started.

He cut out the funny skits that we use to do at the opening of the show, he wanted to make it more look like boxing. I told him that EVERY organization in the world already did that and that people enjoyed the stuff we did before because we did something fresh and new, they NEVER complained before about the editing, they did now. But no, he wanted to make it look like all other organizations.

So that was out and he started to cut the shows together. The complains were like that he cut out fights in order to show some ring girl. Or he showed the entire walk through to the ring but than cut the fights? This didn’t make sense, we are watching fights, but he cuts the fights?

He went out with me and Stephen Quadros the first night, we went to see some Pancrase fights. I realized that he didn’t like Stephen at all, don’t know why. He would ask me what I wanted to drink, and while Stephen was standing next to me, he wouldn’t ask him anything and gave me only a drink. I asked Stephen afterwards if he did something to piss him off, Stephen had no clue. But I knew that there was something going on.

Next thing I is that they fired Stephen a show later.

They needed a new guy, so he brought in his buddy Damon Perry (maybe that was the reason that Stephen got fired I thought?) But Damon came straight out of Radio and he talked a lot and didn’t get the whole MMA thing yet, I thought he was funny though and good to work with. But the Japanese people didn’t like him, so they asked me if I knew somebody.

I said I did.
I met Mauro like 4 years before that time and we both were in a movie where we both played announcers. I met him and they gave us like 5 pages of ******. He looked over it for about 2 minutes and put the ****** away, I looked at him and asked him :”Don’t tell me that you already memorized it” he said he did, I started to ask him questions about the ****** and he knew it all!
This guy is a freak show. The stuff we did was good and I really enjoyed working with Mauro, so I told him that if I ever would have a change to do something for him, I would call him. So four years later I call him and BAM, he sends in a tape, they saw his work, and trust me, Mauro has been doing this since he was 16 years old, Radio, TV, everything, they loved the tape and now he was in Pride!

They loved him so much and wanted to keep him, they gave him right away a contract, something that I never saw them doing.

Now I guess that Jerry now needed a new victim that he could push around, and Mauro Ranallo was that victim, why? Again, I have no clue, but he started to mess with him. I believe because he saw that Mauro was unbelievably talented and maybe he was jealous?

It became very bad and that’s where I stepped in and told him to back off because he did it for no apparent reason. He backed off for a while, but than started to make up stuff. Mauro couldn’t say “difficult” words because he said that the viewers at home are not that educated. We told him that Jim Lampley used words like that all the time, and that is in boxing, also a martial art. Jim Lampley is probably the best announcer in the world, but Mauro couldn’t do it?
And what, the MMA audience is less educated than a boxing audience? And he talks about having pro’s in the booth? Wow.
Mauro is a walking encyclopedia, the things he knows is just unbelievable, he doesn’t say these words to “look intelligent” he says them because he speaks like that, if you talk to him in a normal conversation, that’s what you will here, also his voice is his real voice, some people think he makes that up.
Mauro wasn’t allowed to make jokes, Mauro couldn’t even say, including me, when we talked about a record. “This fighter is 12 and ZERO, just to make a point that he never lost, nope, we had to say 12 and O, we told him that O was a letter and not a number. He said that the whole Martial Arts world say O and not ZERO.
Whatever, again, be the same as everybody else.
He told us to let the fight “breath” and don’t talk as much, just like in other organizations? So he came in with his laptop and showed us a fight from another organization and that we had to be like them, these guys were talking non-stop, I started counting the silence they had and I swear, the longest “break” was 3 seconds, and that was only ONE time during the entire fight, three seconds, ONE time!
The Japanese people, Mauro and I looked at each other with a puzzled expression, what is he trying to do? Till this day I still don’t get that one.
Mauro also couldn’t make jokes, that was my (Bas) job he said, I told him how funny Mauro was but nope, not him.
Ask all the fighters, trainers, even Doc Hammilton and “Stitch”, at breakfast we would have so much fun with Mauro, that everybody would start putting their tables against our table for a good laugh in the morning!

It went bad again and again we had a conversation, first with the Pride people, Mauro and I by ourselves. They acknowledged that they gave Jerry, and these are there words: “Too much power”, I also told them how he REALLY got his job in Pride and what he did more for lies, but … they believed in second chances and they wanted to give him another shot?! After all the things I told them, they still wanted to give him a second chance?!
So the meeting with Jerry took place, and again, I had a list of things for him with what he already did behind people’s back, so I read him that whole list, and trust me, it was big! Jerry finally acknowledged that Mauro was getting better and better and he understood that it was good now.
It was a few shows really good and it was relaxed, but it came back again. He has to be the number 1 guy I guess.
Every time he would tell Mauro when he would say something “Oh man, you are going to get ripped for that on the internet”, shouldn’t a producer make sure you feel comfortable during the show so it’s keeps flowing? Nope, he did it right there at the commentating booth, that’s not professional, every real producer knows this.
He also started to “second guess” Mauro, if Mauro would say “Wow, nice kimura attempted there!!”, he would use his microphone and ask me, (Mauro and I BOTH could hear this, NOT the people at home), “Is that a kimura Bas?”
Doesn’t he realize that you are really shutting people down this way, this was about him and his feelings towards Mauro, he would forget about the job that he has to do and that is to make the Pride show look as good as he can! He didn’t, he made it personally. Wow, again, and he says that he wants to work with professionals?

Anyway, this stress and the fact that Pride never gave me a raise after even 6 years of working for them started to bother me.
They tell everybody that I am “the face of Pride”, but they do anything to make it easier on me.
Please understand this, I flew at least 11 times a year to Japan, that’s 77 days gone from home, coming home with a jet lag and than still have to leave the house to do seminars and other stuff because they didn’t pay me enough to live form that. So it became really hard on the family for me and together with the stress from Jerry Millen I though, “I don’t need and deserve this, I am out.” Everybody remembers the “I quit” letter on my website? And after that the President came to talk to me and I told the people that I was back again, remember that? Than they started to do other stuff and that’s where I announced that I this time REALLY quit. And now Millen says that HE did that? This guy is the biggest moron, more about that later….
I apologized to Mauro and Mauro told me that he was going to see what he would do.

The Japanese people gave Mauro right away a raise because they didn’t want to lose him too. Frank Trig came in and he and Mauro connected and they had great shows together.

Than when Jerry came to tell Mauro that there was something going down and that he probably was going to be the US representative of Pride, (so this time he took the job from the Japanese people, remember, these were the people that gave him a second chance!!) and he took their place, I guess he did a lot of talking to Mr. Sakikabara and Mr. Sakikabara believed him! They got fired and he got the job.
Mauro called me from Japan! And he told me that if THAT was going to happen, he would quit, he would NEVER work under Gary Millen he said.
They announced it, and Mauro quit.

Now with Gary saying that we were not professionals and that he wanted professionals and that’s the reason we were gone is just un-believable.
Remember that I said that he’s the biggest moron? Here is why. He has another interview on and there he says that it was our decision that we left, not his.

Doesn’t he keep track of his lies? I mean, here he says that he was the reason, and there he says we quit ourselves, which is the truth? Plus again, doesn’t he remember the “I quit” letter?

One more thing, he talks bad about Dana White and that he’s no pro?? Please take a look at what Dana White did for MMA, he made it huge! Now take a look at what he himself did, he’s bringing the Pride show down, they already cancelled the April event, this is so sad.

Hey Gary, if you read this, you have to feel bad right? Look how many people you walked over, Karma, that’s the word for you for a while KARMA, because Karma is a bitch!

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