Sunday, June 26, 2022

Dana White Unleashes Loads Of Big News On Ferrall Show

The following is a recap of UFC president Dana White on The Scott Ferrall Show on SIRIUS channel 101, re-written from notes compiled by forum member “spinach”:

  • Says if Chuck Liddell wins tonight without injury he will be fighting Wanderlei Silva in the December UFC show.
  • Says he has been working for seven years to get this kind of talent altogether under his promotion.
  • Says the difference between UFC and the NFL is that his company is global. Predicts UFC will be bigger internationally than NFL in the future.
  • Says he is tired of people asking about Fedor Emelianenko. He says Fedor has a sambo match in November/December and he hopes to have him signed to a deal by December.
  • A caller asks about the possibility of Wanderlei Silva vs. Mauricio “Shogun” Rua in the UFC. Dana says it's a possibility now as the two are not on the same fight team anymore.
  • When asked about Mirko CroCop, he says he always wanted to put up UFC guys against PRIDE guys. He says he doesn't know what's up with CroCop and thinks he might retire soon.
  • Says Shogun is widely considered the number one fighter today at 205 pounds.
  • Caller asks about Karo Parisyan getting a Welterweight title shot since he had one scheduled with Matt Hughes before suffering an injury. Says he got injured and couldn't take the fight, and has since had a few setbacks, be he will be back.
  • When asked about Ultimate Fighter runner-up from last season, Manny Gamburyan, that he's tough but has serious shoulder problems right now. He is going to have major surgery soon and said Manny is pretty scared about it.
  • Caller asks about Mark Hunt. He says Hunt is under contract from the PRIDE deal and they are working some things out still.
  • Caller asks about Nick Diaz. He says Diaz is a bit difficult to work with, but there are more difficult guys to work with out there than Diaz.
  • Caller asks about doing tournaments like the old UFC and how PRIDE did them across a few shows. He says the state athletic commissions will never let that happen as guys can not fight more than once in a single night.
  • Asked about the Matt Hamill-Michael Bisping decision. He says he felt Hamill won and he got a ton of e-mail about the decision. Says he thinks fans believe he's the Don King of MMA, fixing fights and such, which is obviously not true. He says UFC matchmaker Joe Silva felt Bisping won the fight. He has yet to re-watch the fight on tape but felt being there live that Hamill had won. He says he's seen much worse decisions in the past.
  • When talking about the upcoming UFC show in Montreal, he says Georges St. Pierre probably won't be fighting on the card as he is waiting out the winner of the Matt Serra vs. Matt Hughes title fight.
  • Caller asks about match combinations with guys like Silva/Chuck Liddell/Quinton Jackson/Dan Henderson. He says Wanderlei Silva vs. Chuck Liddell will happen first if it can, and the winner will go on to fight Jackson for the title.
  • HBO deal is still in the works.

    Ferrall has had Wanderlei Silva and Roger Huerta on the show as well thus far and will have a number of other guests in the next few hours. To read the play-by-play notes from the show on Silva, and the upcoming guests, the direct link to that PBP thread is HERE. You may need to register to view the thread (not sure). The main forums home page is

    Props to forum member “spinach” for doing great recaps of all the interviews.


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