Sunday, June 26, 2022

Fight Results For Shamrock's Spotlight Smackdown

Heather Foreman sent along the following:

Fight Results for Shamrock's Spotlight Smackdown

If you caught Saturday night's show – then you know what I'm talking about when I say – money definitely well spent! Spotlight 29 Casino and Ken Shamrock Productions delivered nonstop action in Coachella, CA along with a pumped Ken Shamrock hyping up the crowd from the octagon!

Ashe “The Bowman” def. Luis Rubio via TKO – R1 (0:58)
Ricardo Gallardo def. Leland Gridley via TKO – R3 (1:45)
Roland Graham def. Mike Martin via TKO – R1 (0:20)
Steve Hargett def. Darrin Freeman via Unanimous Decision
Ben Ryan def. Garrett Johnson via Sub (rear naked choke) – R1 (2:50)
Brian Robinson def. Josh “The Hammer” Hammock via TKO – R1 (1:33)
Casey Washack def.Salah Zabian via Arm Bar – R1 (1:10)
Enoch “The Animal” Wilson def. Dan “The Pitbull” Russom via TKO – R1 (1:19)
Art Ramirez def. Jeremy Sankwich via TKO – R1 (3:00)
Rigo Oropeza def. Rick “The Holy Terror” Reeves via TKO – R2 (0:34)
Rocky Batastini def. Colby Chapman via TKO – R1 (1:19)
Buddy Roberts def. Luke Pyle via TKO – R2 (0:34)
Josh Snodgrass def Cole Nagy via Head Kick KO – R2 (0:34)
Dan “The He-man” Molina def. Derek “The Messenger” Thornton via Sub (rear choke) – R1 (1:54)

Fight of the night goes to Josh Snodgrass. Currently under the training of Robbie Shamrock – Josh has been making a name for himself his last 2 fights. Last nights head kick to Cole Nagy landed perfectly and dropped Cole for what seemed like forever. When he did finally awake – Ken was there to greet Cole who said “let's fight!”. Dazed and confused he exited – with a smiling Josh ready to lay it on the next guy.


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