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Inside Info: What Only An MMA Agent Could Tell You


Inside MMA Information: What Only An Agent Could Tell you

BY Sid Needelman

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With so much going on these days from failed drug tests, Cro-Cop losing 2 in a row and multiple live UFC events this month, it is hard to keep up and to distinguish the rumor from the truth. One of the most well known of the MMA agents, sets the record straight for us. A discussion with Ken Pavia.

WEC, Strikeforce & UFC:
Ken and his company have 21 fighters who are contracted with Zuffa, and things could not be better for most of them. One notable instance where that may not have been the case, happened recently with Joe “Diesel” Riggs. It was obvious that it was hard for Zuffa to know how to best use him, and it was not a secret Joe may have felt the same. They parted ways on decent terms and for those who had not heard the specific number, Joe Riggs has a 4 fight contract with Strikeforce. His first fight for the organization will be Sept. 29th, against Eugene “The Wolf” Jackson (15-7-1) at the Playboy Mansion, and will be for a title. For Ken's other clients showing up on WEC, Strikeforce and the UFC, look at the newly redone on Monday of next week.

Currently, Ricco Rodriguez is no longer a client of Ken's. If you can remember, the former UFC Champ was suspended for testing positive for cocaine and marijuana. That could strain any business relationship, but they remain good friends and Ken wishes him luck this week.

Mark Cuban's HDNET:
1/3 of the fighters you will see on the first show will be Ken's clients. Ken is excited to do work with the new project.

They treat the guys they like very well.

We left the update conversation & I then asked him some tougher questions:

I asked: What does ShoXC/EliteXC do right?

Ken explained: They have a TV deal. Plain and simple that's huge in his mind, as a TV deal makes money. Without making enough money, you cannot get and keep, good talent. He also thinks Robbie Lawler is a huge asset. When he raved about Jake Shields being one of the best in the weight class, I had to ask if Jake was a client. He is not, so that's an unbiased reflection, I just wanted to make sure.

I asked: What does ShoXC/EliteXC do wrong?

Ken pointed out: As a public company, money is king and if they do not start making the type of money the UFC pulls in, there may be problems later on.

I asked: How do you think Ricco Rodriguez's chances are against Ben Rothwell in this week's IFL finals?

Ken was happy to tell me: Ricco has more experience, has a much better ground game and he has a very good chance of winning.

I would like to thank Ken Pavia for his time today on filling the MMA community in on what we need and want to know. On Monday his new website will be up at & it can give you a complete list of his clients, what his company does for their clients and maybe some inside info we did not get here. – New Hiphop News Site :: Tons of Industry News & Rumors (>>)


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