Saturday, July 2, 2022

Matt Hughes Discusses Ultimate Fighter 6, Episode 2

The following is an excerpt from Matt Hughes' post-TUF 6, episode 2 blog:

We had some good practices this week, and though there’s a big difference between the practice room and the actual fight, I was real happy with what I saw in the practice room, so I knew that I had guys that were gonna work hard and guys that were feeding off each other, and that’s one of the reasons why I picked the guys I did. I wanted them to be able to work together, and when that practice took off and those guys worked as hard as they did, I was really happy.

Some people don’t understand this, since we’re competing in an individual sport, but the team carries a big role in fighting. It was still the second week, people were still fresh and hadn’t gotten on each other’s nerves yet, so the team concept wasn’t as important in the first part of the show, but having been on the show previously, I knew that it was going to play a huge role at the end. So when I saw them practicing together the way they did and staying together the way they did, I knew that it was gonna help these guys out at the end of the show.

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