Sunday, June 26, 2022

Matt Hughes Only Has “2 Or 3” Left — Really?

Matt Hughes only has “two or three” Fights Left In Him

Sid Needelman Reporting…

Last Night's Ultimate Fighter episode ended with a preview for next week's in which Matt Hughes is heard admitting that he only has “two or three” fights left in him. His claim and attempted portrayal it seems for this season of the reality show is as a leader. You can see that by how he verbally stresses his coaching abilities and how he 'leads' his team in Bible study (yes, you heard right… Bible study!).

He is not instituting Bible study for great TV drama, so it is safe to say that either he wants to be shown as a well rounded leader, or he just wants to look like a missionary and thinks fighters are like people from a third world country. Never the less, Matt only has a few more fights in him and it makes sense that he has since started his own team and is already promoting his leadership abilities. He even compares himself to some biblical character, I believe, though I was trying not to pay attention as to not be unnerved, to Easter from the Purim story?

I just hope he does not bring that dopey big guy he has helping train on this season to his new gym. That guy makes the worst comments.

So his fight with Serra, and then one or two more is what Matt claims. I predict that if that is true, it will only be for the near future. The UFC will bring him back a year or two later, to either pass the torch or nock out a champion who needs competition. See Royce Gracie, Tank Abbott and Ken Shamrock and for the later example, Randy Couture.


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