Wednesday, June 29, 2022 In-Depth Breakdown Of UFC Fight Night 11

Chris Howie reporting:

Fight Night Live Preview

The next Fight Night is tomorrow night live on Spike TV. This is one of the most promising Fight Night cards I have seen in a long time. I’m looking forward to quite a few on this one and the main card is highlighted by a main event that will see two top lightweight contenders in Kenny Florian and Din Thomas square off to see who will move up the 155lbs ladder. Let’s break down the main card that will air on Spike TV starting at 9pmEST and I will also give my picks for the undercard that also has some promising fights.

Main Event
Din Thomas VS. Kenny Florian
Both of these guys are top competitors in the 155lbs division and both tend to have entertaining fights. Both fighters also possess solid ground games and are capable of submitting the other if the opportunity presents its self. Florian is coming off 2 victories in a row and with a 3rd will try to make his case to again be a #1 contender in the UFC. He stated in an interview with that he wanted to fight all the best and be known as a true #1 contender. Taking on the very talented Thomas is a good place to start and with 2 wins in a row beating Thomas will move him up the ladder. Din Thomas on the other hand has always been one of the top contenders in the division and coming in to this fight should hold the advantage in stand-up should this fight stay up.

Both guys have been around the block and know what it takes to contend in the UFC. With the title picture right now up in the air due to the Sean Sherk situation it will be interested to see what could possibly happen to the winner of this fight. BJ Penn is the obvious #1 guy right now with Joe Stevenson probably #2. This fight could decide who the #3 guy is but the lightweight division is so crowded right now it is hard to decide who stands where. Either way this will be a high caliber fight and has the potential to be fight of the night. They are fairly equal in all aspects of the game should it’s hard to say who could win. Both are also on win streaks with Florian winning two in a row and Thomas three

I’m going to wing it as this is a toss up and go with:

Prediction: Kenny Florian VIA Unanimous Decision

Chris Leben VS. Terry Martin:

Leben has expressed in the past that he will most likely go somewhere else when his UFC contract expires so I’m sure he’ll come into this fight in top condition to make his case when it comes time to negotiate a contract. Martin is a hungry fighter who will want to establish his name a little more and people will probably recognize him quite a bit more with a win over Leben.

This definitely will not be hitting the mat. These guys are going to bang it out and someone will be going to sleep. Martin has been hot lately with 4 straight wins over the likes of Ivan Salaverry and Jorge Rivera. Martin also has bricks for hands and could end this fight very quickly. The one question I have about Martin would be his recent legal troubles and if they would have had any effect on his training. Leben has lost his last 2 fights against Kalib Starnes Jason MacDonald. I think a lot of Leben’s problems have been that he just doesn’t want to be in the UFC right now.

They both have heavy hands and I can’t see this one going past the first. Someone is going to sleep and my pick is:

Prediction: Terry Martin VIA 1st rd. KO

Nate Diaz VS Junior Assuncao

Nate Diaz, the winner of the 5th season of the Ultimate Fighter will be in his first fight since winning the right to call himself the Ultimate Fighter. He trains in Stockton, CA with his brother Nick, Jakes Shields, and Gilbert Melendez, just to name a few, at Cesar Gracie’s school. Under Gracie, Diaz holds a purple belt in BJJ.

Junior Assuncao has a record of 2-0 in the UFC and brings in a solid ground game. He has a brown belt in BJJ and with a win here could really get noticed by defeating the winner of TUF.

Diaz has the heart of a lion and is a very aggressive fighter. His BJJ should be solid enough to handle Junior and not find himself in any trouble. This fight is most likely going to the mat early in the first and has the potential to go to the judges but I think it will be a stopped before that.

Prediction: Nate Diaz VIA 2nd rd. Submission

Nate Quarry VS Pete Sell:
These guys locked up before in a fight that ended in what some people called a quick stoppage. With the rematch Sell has a chance to show that it was exactly that. Quarry on the other hand is making his return to the Octagon after not fighting in the cage since being KO’d by Rich Franklin back in 2005 at UFC 56.
Sell hasn’t won in the UFC since Feb. 2005 and Quarry will be looking to get back in the hunt with a win in this one. I’m glad to see Quarry back and will be interested to see how this one goes. I don’t think that much will change from the last fight though.

Prediction: Nate Quarry VIA Rd. 1 TKO

Under Card Predictions:

-Kuniyoshi Hironaka vs. Thiago Alves: Thiago Alves VIA 1st Rd. TKO

-Jonathan Goulet vs. Dustin Hazelett: Jonathan Goulet VIA 2nd Rd. Submission

-Leonard Garcia vs. Cole Miller: Leonard Garcia VIA Unanimous Decision

-Luke Cummo vs. Edilberto “Crocota” de Oliveira: Luke Cummo VIA 3rd Rd. Submission

-Gray Maynard vs. Joe Veres: Gray Maynard VIA 1st Rd. TKO


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