Sunday, June 26, 2022 News Coverage From IFL Weigh-Ins

IFL Final Weigh-In Review

By Sid Needelman

@ The IFL Finals Weigh-in Redemption was in the Air…

Ricco Rodriguez looked amazing, he was calm, he was in good spirits and he was not drinking any spirits. He has truly cleaned up his life. His redemption is hugely important here. For him to really propel him back into some big name slots, this is the time to do so. It is a one shot deal with the IFL. He has a 3 fight deal with EliteXC which has either been signed, but could be in jeopardy from what we now know post event.

Ricco needs to show his redemption in the ring, while outside of the ring, it appears he has. He looks and sounds clean and in the full IFL EVENT REVIEW, you will hear about what other projects he has been doing. By the end of readying my event review article, you will understand what the former UFC champ has in common with ChynaDoll, and a rocker from the band Crazytown.

Another fighter seeking redemption is that of Ryan McGivern who has a previous loss to his opponent tonight. He says he will be much more careful about any leg/knee lock tonight. He has trained hard and in the full article coming out after the Jewish High Holiday, you can hear about who he feels have given him a lot of help and who could be doing more. He is looking for redemption from his loss to Fabio Leopoldo, which took place 3 days short of a year from today. In the full article, he has given us some good quotes about his other losses, and big win. And on the topic of redemption, I asked about how he felt Royce Gracie testing for steroids made him fell. After a quite pause… he said it was very upsetting, a black eye for the entire Mixed Martial Arts community. I wonder if I had asked Ryan what Royce’s would have to do to get redemption?

And the IFL’s redemption…. Well they had to move the weigh-ins because so many people wanted to attend. That’s a good sign. They keep getting new coaches, the scored Ricco for tonight’s show and may have Mario Sperry on board for a Florida team.

And in the spirit of redemption, Yom Kippur serves as just that for the Jewish people and I ask your forgiveness in the delay of my full report until after the holiday… I assure you it will be worth it.


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