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MMANEWS.COM REVIEW: Ultimate Fighter 6 (Spoilers)

TUF 6: Team Hughes VS Team Serra Episode 1 Review

Chris Howie Reporting:

Spike TV was gracious enough to send along a screener copy of the first episode of the 6th installment of The Ultimate Fighter series and I had a chance to watch it this morning. If the previews that have been airing during PPV’s and on Spike are any indication of what this season will be like, it’s safe to say that this year has the potential to be one of the most entertaining seasons yet.

Who will end up on whose team? How will Serra and Hughes handle being around each other? Who will be in the first fight of the season? Let’s move onward and answer all these questions and more in’s review of the first episode of TUF6

Queue the Ultimate Fighter intro music that we are all familiar with and we are off and running with a new season of up and coming fighters vying for their shot to become the next Ultimate Fighter. Wow, that sounds clich.

The episode kicks off with Matt Serra entering into the UFC training center to meet up with Dana White and they proceed to chit-chat a little before Matt Hughes comes into the room and shakes hands with White and Serra. After a few seconds Dana tells Matt and Matt that he is going to get the fighters and bring them into the gym. Serra makes a comment about this being the time where Dana leaves the two coaches in the gym for an awkward moment. Serra talks about not liking Hughes while Hughes explains he doesn’t really have a problem with Serra and doesn’t know why he doesn’t like him because he has never done anything to him. Serra lets us all know that Hughes is a dick which I’ll have to assume is going to be a popular comment throughout the season.

Dana brings in the 16 contestants and introduces everyone to the coaches. He lets them know that he hopes they brought their things because they will be doing evaluations right now and drops quite a few f-bombs in the process.

The fighters do the Rocky training montage bit while the coaches watch intently. Nothing really big happens during the montage but we do find out that Joe Scarola is one of Matt Serra’s students and when he goes to talk to Hughes to explain that he would rather be on Serra’s team, Hughes, playing the evil villain he is, lets Scarola know that Serra better pick him first because Hughes could pick him. Dastardly move on Hughes behalf.

After the montage, White is back to do the coin toss that will decide who gets to pick first or who will get to pick the first fight. We also learn that the fight selection will go back and forth and no one team will continue to control the fight selection even if they are winning.

Serra wins the toss and picks Scarola first, much to Hughes delight. Hughes picks Dan Barrera with his first pick.

The two teams will be comprised of:

Team Hughes: Dan Barrera, Blake Bowman, Mac Danzig, Paul Georgieff, Billy Miles, Dorian Price, Jared Rollins, Tommy Speer

Team Serra: Joe Scarola, George Sotiropoulos, Matt Arroyo, John Koloski, Ben Saunders, Roman Mitichyan, Troy Mandaloniz and Richie Hightower

After the team selection it is revealed that Roman Mitichyan broke his elbow during the evaluation and will not be able to compete. He was pissed that’s for sure and I honestly thought he might take a swing at the doctor, broken arm and all.

His replacement will be Jon “The War Machine” Koppenhaver and is relieved when he learns that he is on Team Serra.
After Koppenhaver is revealed we move back to the gym where it is time to announce fight selection. Team Hughes has the pick and decides Mac Danzig (My pick to win it all by the way) will be fighting Joe Scarola. That slippery Matt Hughes. One thing is for certain, Hughes knows who to play mind games.

Training montage again as we prepare for the fight. We learn a little about each fighter here and what their strengths are. I’ll cut this off here and tell you all to tune into Spike TV tomorrow night for Fight Night Live followed by the Season Premiere of The Ultimate Fighter 6.


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