Thursday, July 7, 2022

Couture Agent Says Yahoo! Sports Is Way Off On Money Figures

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Couture has steadfastly described his act as a “resignation,” while White has consistently used the word “retirement.” The reason behind the careful parsing of words is becoming clear as purported details of Couture's UFC contract begin to trickle out.

On Tuesday, Yahoo! Sports' Kevin Iole cited non-UFC sources claiming Couture's contract with the UFC was worth $13-15 million. Couture told that his four-fight contract paid him $250,000 per fight in addition to guarantees on pay-per-view bonuses.

Late Wednesday, Couture's agent Matt Walker told the figures reported by Yahoo! were “extremely inaccurate” based upon what Couture had been told were pay-per-view numbers from the UFC heavyweight champion's last two fights.

“When I first read the story on Yahoo! I actually laughed because they are so far from fact,” said Walker.

“If he were getting $3.25-$3.75 million a fight then Randy's compensation would not be an issue,” said the agent, who was lambasted by White as a Hollywood parasite after Couture announced his resignation on Oct. 11. “However, I can tell you those salary numbers for Randy are severely inflated and I would love to know where they got the information.”

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