Wednesday, June 29, 2022

CroCop Denies Retirement Rumors, Talks UFC Return

[email protected] sent along the following:

Largest croatian daily sports papers “Sportske Novosti” in today's issue published an exclusive interview with Dana White.

He said that he respects Mirko both as a person and as a fighter and that people in general are relishing opportunities to “condemn” yesterdays heroes. Now that Mirko has 2 losses in a row people easely forget numerous wins that led up to them.

It is a highly competitive sport and only most talented and determined fighters will suceed. When asked (by SN yournalist) if UFC can somehow help Mirko get back on track Dana said that only Mirko can do it. It is highly packed division and he doesn't know who will Mirko fight next.

Dana spoke to Mirko, who told him about nose surgery and prommised that he will be back! It also states that he will not fight in 2007 but sometime in 2008.

They also sent along these notes/links:

Exclusive interview with Mirko's manager Zvonimir Lucic.

He denied rumours regarding Mirko's retirement. He said that Mirko and his team are pausing until he recovers from the operation. After that they'll continue training.


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