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CSAC Under Fire & Scrambling Due To New Era Lawsuit

Bob Trieger sent along the following:

CSAC Under Fire & Scrambling in response to New Era Fighting lawsuit

SANTA ANA, California (October 29, 2007) — After being named in a lawsuit filed by New Era Fighting (NEF) for $500,000,000, embattled California State Athletic Commission (CSAC) Executive Director Armando Garcia responded by announcing a review of NEF’s promotional licensing renewal, incredibly, 10 months after the CSAC cashed NEF’s check for its 2007-2008 promoter’s license, and two weeks after a legal claim had been delivered to the State.

NEF President Ron Kort filed the lawsuit because of a pattern and practice by the California State Athletic Commission of intentionally, willfully and viciously interfering with a licensed and approved event, which effected and injured New Era Fighting in the same or similar fashion as other mixed martial arts promoters, managers and fighters.

The California State Athletic Commission, Frank Munoz (CSAC Staff Services Analyst), and the State’s Department of Consumer Affairs were also named in the lawsuit, which is the result of the CSAC’s cease and desist order, issued only minutes prior to and forcing the cancellation of NEF’s much publicized scheduled tryouts on July 19 in Montebello (CA). The CSAC claimed NEF President Ron Kort wasn’t a licensed promoter despite having approved his application, awarding him a promoter’s license, and cashing his renewal check for 2007 (copies available upon request).

NEF is a mixed martial arts fighting organization that combines the raw brutality of mixed martial arts with entertaining, sexy and dramatic themes. It has launched possibly the largest suit in California history against the aforementioned parties for loss of revenues (past, present and future), film production, media exposure, credibility, television show, venue deposits, fighters and opportunity costs.

“Simply amazing,” Kort said. “Ten months after my promoter’s license renewal was approved and my check cashed by the California State Athletic Commission, as well as two weeks after we filed suit, that’s the best Mr. Garcia could come up with. A letter saying they were going to review my renewal. It’s also the first time he made himself available to me, so to speak, despite numerous requests for a meeting with him. It appears that Armando Garcia is only available to promoters after he’s caught doing something wrong.

“Maybe Mr. Garcia’s treatment of New Era Fighting is just his way of exerting power over Kimo Leopoldo (“KIMO”), the face of NEF, for KIMO fighting overseas because Mr. Garcia wouldn’t give him a proper hearing for a show in June of 2006. Whether you like NEF or not, the CSAC appears
to have purportedly damaged so many other fight promoters, managers and fighters that people are fed-up and coming forward to speak out against the CSAC and supporting NEF by telling their stories.”

If you have been victimized by the CSAC, feel free to confidentially share your experiences by sending emails to [email protected] Your names and identities will be used only with your express permission to use them.

“We have informed Mr. Garcia, due to our pending litigation against him, the CSAC and other named defendants, that any further communications must be directed to our attorneys,” Kort added.

For more information about NEF call 714.973.3053/714.448.9999 or go on line to


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