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Dan Henderson To Represent Endothil At NHRA Oct 27-28

Taylor Friedlander sent along the following:

“Dangerous” Dan Henderson Comes to Las Vegas NHRA Nationals Representing Endothil-CR and Oxydrene

It’s the perfect combination: the speed and power of a 7000+ horsepower top fuel dragster and the quickness and strength of mixed martial arts champion “Dangerous” Dan Henderson. Both will be in Las Vegas at the NHRA Nationals October 27-28 representing Endothil-CR and Oxydrene, the next-generation supplements that are helping today’s athletes get quicker, tougher and stronger.

Henderson recently became the spokesperson for Endothil-CR and Oxydrene, signing a one-year contract with the product’s manufacturer, Novex Biotech.

“I use Endothil and Oxydrene to get the most out of my training sessions, so being their spokesperson was a no-brainer for me,” said Henderson. “But when they told me I would be linking up with the company’s top fuel dragster in Las Vegas, I was thrilled. I love drag racing. It’s so much like MMA — the controlled power, the quick reflexes. I’ll feel right at home on the track.”

Novex Biotech joined the drag racing circuit a few years ago, selecting “Aussie” Dave Grubnic to drive the Endothil-CR/Oxydrene top-fuel dragster.

“Just like the NHRA drivers, I need to be quick, tough and strong,” said Henderson. “And you don’t get that way by lifting weights and building bulky, overblown and bloated muscles. My goal is to be tougher and faster than the next guy so I use Endothil-CR and Oxydrene to increase my strength, stamina and endurance, and to let me recover faster from my daily workouts.”

The reigning PRIDE Welterweight world champion and two-time Olympian, Henderson, 37, made MMA history on February 24, 2007, when he knocked out Wanderlei Silva to claim the Middleweight world title. Henderson is the first athlete in major MMA competition history to hold two weight-division crowns simultaneously.

“Increasingly, the newer, younger breed of competitive athletes are moving away from traditional strength training and moving to workouts that emphasize speed and endurance,” said Nate Leavitt, spokesperson for Endothil and Oxydrene. “Let’s face it. Bodybuilding has evolved. Today it’s all about being quick, tough, AND strong. People respect guys who can handle themselves. And that requires quickness, toughness, and strength. That’s why products like Endothil and Oxydrene are becoming popular with top mixed martial arts champions like Dangerous Dan Henderson. They’re using Endothil for strength, and Oxydrene for endurance and stamina. Why? Because Endothil makes you stronger… a LOT stronger… without steroids or hormone precursors, and Oxydrene has the ability to increase oxygen saturation of blood and tissue, thereby increasing time to exhaustion while decreasing time of recovery. In other words, Endothil and Oxydrene provide you the strength, power, speed, and endurance to keep going. Because if you can’t last, you’ll never be the last man standing.”

Dan Henderson, Dave Grubnic and the Endothil-CR/Oxydrene dragster will be in Las Vegas for the NHRA Nationals


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