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Detailed Results From Art Of War 4 On 10/27

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Wessel, Carwin Score Big at ART OF WAR 4: Mississippi
By Event Promoter

ART OF WAR 4: Mississippi Mayhem played to a nearly
sold-out crowd of 2,400 fans on Saturday, October 27th at
Harrah?s Grand Tunica Casino & Resort and delivered eight
action-packed bouts that all ended before going to the

MIKE WESSEL, strength and conditioning coach for the
Arkansas Razorbacks, was not the favorite going into his
heavyweight main event contest against Memphis native MATT
THOMAS. Wessel had only eight months of training and
carried a 2-1 record against Thomas, who held a 3-3 record
against some tough competition. In the opening seconds of
the bout, Wessel?s standup proved to be tighter than his
opponent?s and he opened a cut on Thomas? head. Eventually
Thomas shot in for a takedown and had Wessel in a bad
position dropping punches and elbows.

Just before the two-minute mark, Wessel showed an
incredible amount of strength by reversing his position
and dropping bombs of his own. The two big men briefly got
back to their feet, but Wessel kept the pressure and
unleashed a flurry of shots before the ref called the bout
at 2:42 in the first round. Wessel walked off with the ART
OF WAR Quickest Knockout Award.

In a battle between undefeated super heavyweights, SHANE
CARWIN tested his 6-0 record against REX RICHARDS (4-0).
At the weigh-ins, Carwin could have made heavyweight
tipping the scales at just 266 pounds. Richards, on the
other hand, looked leaner but weighed in a whopping 312
pounds. Both men stood toe to toe for just seconds before
Carwin shot in, took Richards down and had him in the
mount position. The Colorado native pounded on Richards
who flailed away trying to escape.

Remarkably Richards was able to get back to his feet, but
Carwin capitalized by sinking in a tight guillotine choke.
With blood streaming from Richards? nose, the bigger man
tapped out at 1:24 into the first stanza. Both men intend
to drop to heavyweight, and with Carwin?s undefeated
record unblemished, he will no doubt have big
opportunities in his future.

On paper, RON FAIRCLOTH vs. CHRIS HAWK looked like a light
heavyweight mismatch. Faircloth held a record of 26-12,
while Hawk was making his pro debut. It took only a few
seconds to see why Hawk would be facing a cagey veteran to
get his pro card. After a little feeling out period, Hawk
launched a barrage of punches, kicks and knees that put
Faircloth against the cage. Faircloth took over 20
unanswered shots and the ref nearly called the fight on
two different occasions. Managing to survive, Faircloth
got a few seconds to clear his head and took Hawk down to
close out the first round.

In Round 2, Hawk continued his assault with head kicks and
punches, but Faircloth kept his head in the game. The
21-year-old Hawk began to look tired and Faircloth took
advantage by finally getting him down and sinking in a
rear naked choke. Hawk tapped out at 1:57 into the round,
but proved he has a long career ahead of him. Faircloth
said after the fight that he would now be moving down to
middleweight. And for taking a beating and coming back the
way he did, Faircloth won the ART OF WAR MVP Award.

ANDREW CHAPPELLE (5-5) stepped into the cage for the first
time in two years to face local favorite and BJJ black
belt ADRIANO NASAL (6-3) in a lightweight bout. During the
first round, Chappelle?s tight standup game overmatched
Nasal, who tried time and time again for takedowns. When
the fight went to the ground, the Brazilian couldn?t find
any holes in Chappelle?s game. During the middle of Round
2, Chappelle not only kept Nasal away, he landed a couple
of takedowns and throws of his own.

By the end of the second round, Chappelle had the lead on
the scorecards, but neither man had been in trouble. In
the third round, Chappelle kept on the pressure and after
rocking Nasal, poured on the pain. Landing shot after
shot, the referee called a halt to the contest at 3:54.
Nasal?s manager said the fighter would be moving down to
145 pounds, while Chappelle is ready to restart his MMA
career and has a much better game to prove it.

To the delight of fans, Memphis fighter ANDY UHRICH made
his pro debut against Mississippi native CHRIS GATES in
the middleweight division. People were screaming out
Andy?s name at the beginning of the fight and no doubt
there were plenty of fans cheering on either side.
Unfortunately the experience may have been too
overwhelming as Uhrich got off one kick before the much
taller Gates took him down and started raining down
elbows. Uhrich managed to escape and turned the tide, but
couldn?t find much of an opening. Sitting in Gate?s guard,
Uhrich was caught in a tight triangle choke and ended up
getting choked unconscious at 3:34 into the fight.

In one of the most exciting fights of the night, DAVID
BROWN (1-1) faced off against DAVID HULETT (2-3) in a
welterweight contest. Brown, who had once tipped the
scales at 230 pounds as a pro wrestler, certainly had
showmanship, but his fight game was more flash than
substance. He had heart though. During the first round,
Brown was caught in a clinic of submissions and had his
right eye closed, but kept on fighting. Brown slammed,
threw and took down Hulett several times and continued
punching. In Round 2, Hulett tried to finish with more
submission attempts, but looked tired. Brown didn?t look
much better, but never stopped moving forward.

About three minutes into the round, Brown illegally kneed
Hulett to the head on the ground and the fight was stopped
momentarily. Brown had been warned of the infraction
earlier and had a point taken away; Hulett was given the
full five minutes to recover. Despite a communication
breakdown between Hulett, Hulett?s manager and the
referee, Hulett eventually stood up and the fight resumed.
In Round 3, Hulett and Brown both traded shots, but Brown
was the hungrier fighter and Hulett couldn?t take any more
damage. At 1:18 into the round, the referee halted the
contest. Hulett?s manager plans on petitioning the
commission for a no contest ruling.

MARK WIGGINS (2-1) had the edge on standup against KEITH
BACH (2-0) at the beginning of their fight, so Bach got
the takedown and worked for a choke. Wiggins tried to
escape, but Bach finished him quickly by rear naked choke
at 1:32. KYLE GIBBONS (6-3) also made quick work of MIKE
QUEEN (4-2), who took the fight on late notice, by
submitting him via arm bar in just 58 seconds.

ART OF WAR will have a full schedule of events in 2008 and
plans will be announced soon. For information, please
visit us online at


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