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Hughes & Serra Discuss The Ultimate Fighter 6, Episode 3

The following is an excerpt from Matt Hughes' post-TUF 6, episode three blog from

Matt Hughes' Ultimate Fighter Blog – Week 3

By Matt Hughes

To be honest, I was somewhat out of the loop with the whole Joe Scarola incident while it was going on. All that happened at Matt Serra’s practice or at the house, and I’m not a part of either one of those, so I only knew what my guys informed me about. Never did I ask any questions about Joey and I really didn’t care. I was concerned with my team.

When it comes to him choosing to leave the show, you’ve got to think that it’s somewhat bad coaching. Do I think one of my guys would have left? I don’t think they would have. Matt Serra’s been his coach for years, so you’ve got to think that came from the gym back in New York or that came from the coaching there on the reality show. So I’ve gotta say that it’s probably Matt Serra’s fault he left. And if it were one of my guys that left, I would definitely say it was my fault.

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The following is an excerpt from Matt serra's post-TUF 6, episode three blog from

The Ultimate Fighter: Season 6, Episode 3

By Matt Serra
UFC welterweight champion

Matt Arroyo got us on the winning side of things with an impressive victory, and we were looking to build off that. But before we get to that…more drama with Joey (Joey Drama?).

Before I get to the latest incident(s), let me give you some background on how Joe got on the show. He wanted to be on ever since Luke was on Season 2, but I had my doubts about his ability to take it in the house. He was persistent in asking, so in time, we considered it, and had our sports psychologist, Dr. Sherry Wulcan, talk to him for an evaluation. In her professional opinion, she didn’t think he could make it in the house for six weeks, and her recommendation was not to send him. I respected her opinion, and wasn’t planning on sending him to Las Vegas for the show. Still, he persisted, and, eventually Ray Longo persuaded me to reconsider saying “Look, let him find out for himself. He’s an adult, and if he can’t hack it, he’ll live with those consequences.” I eventually gave him my seal of approval and he got a tryout for the show, but I made it clear to him from the get go, that if he made it through auditions and onto the show, he would get no special treatment from me at all. Our friendship could not get in the way of my responsibilities as a coach out there. He was just another member of Team Serra once teams were selected.

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