Thursday, July 7, 2022 Exclusive Interview With Kevin Randleman [Pt. 2]'s own Chris Howie recently caught up with former UFC Heavyweight champion and PRIDE fighter Kevin “The Monster” Randleman to discuss a number of topics. Below is the rest of the transcript of the interview. To read part one of the interview, click here.

KEVIN RANDLEMAN INTERVIEW (OCT. 30, 2007) I couldn’t imagine going through that or how it would effect you mentally or physically.

Kevin Randleman: Can you imagine what it can do to a man mentally who is used to be so strong. I mean it’s just a hole now, it hurts, but it’s just a hole. My girl left today and I did 1000 sit-ups and 1000 push-ups. I’m just so programmed to be training and going to the gym. I just need to feel somebody kick me in the fucking face or at least try to. It’s what you are used to, second nature.

Kevin Randleman: Exactly, just like the English language and just like loving my mama. You know this stuff Chris. You cover sports so you understand what we think. I try my best to try and understand why this happened and the only thing I can come up with is that God is slowing me down because he wants me to realize exactly what I’ve got, what I’ve had, what I’ve lost, and what I will have again. He’s telling me don’t take life to lightly and don’t take it for granted and that is the message that I am taking from this. Since I think that that is such a positive message I can’t see why I shouldn’t listen to it. I’ll be back. I have good muscle memory and once I get a trainer I’ll be back to 220lbs fucking ugly. What are your plans at this point? How long will you have to sit on the bench so to speak?

Kevin Randleman: Well once this is healed give me a month and I’ll be ready to fight anybody. I mean before these holes in my side I was training like a motherfucker. Now I’m on pain medication like a motherfucker and I have these fucking IV’s in my arm so it limits what I can do. I can’t go swimming because I have these holes. I can’t go to the gym the lift like I’d like to so I’m kind of limited as to what I can do but hey I’m content with what I can do now and I take it as a blessing. I got that fucking DUI and trust me when I say this, I was just so depressed. Can you imagine being stuck not being able to do anything because of a staph infection that fucks you up every time you get one? You were on suspension for the positive test after the fight with Shogun last year…

Kevin Randleman: It wasn’t actually positive I just gave fake urine. I had similar shit going on then that I do now. I had an IV in my arm right before the weigh-ins and I took it out. Ok

Kevin Randleman: I fucked up. I should have talked to them because they would have understood it. They wouldn’t have let me fight but they would have understood. The company that I worked for was like “You have to fight, we need you to fight, and you owe us.” Sometimes I guess the company I work for doesn’t have my best interest at hand. You were just able to re-apply for a license a few days ago, is that something you will do?

Kevin Randleman: Well right now I’m worried about getting healthy and resting myself. I can’t be stupid forever. I’m still the same guy though and the same monster. I still want to be the guy that fucking wrecks guys. The cage is my world, I love fighting in the cage. You can’t run in the cage but you can run in the ring. What were your thoughts on Pride being bought out by the UFC?
Kevin Randleman: I figured it was something that was going to happen eventually. The bigger fish had to eat the smaller fish to be legit otherwise they wouldn’t because they had too many big dogs in Pride. They did something really good for their company, but it was shitty for the rest of the world because they crushed a company to make themselves look good and I don’t know how cool that is but its good business. What are your thoughts on the old UFC vs. Pride debate. How do you see it now that Pride guys have entered the UFC and haven’t faired so well? exclusive pic of Randleman's staph infection …

Kevin Randleman: Honestly, these guys thought they were going to come into the UFC and run the shit. It’s different in the UFC and with the cage because you can’t run. If I back you into the cage you have nowhere to go and I can use it to my advantage to fuck you up. I can’t wait to come back to the cage because I can’t lose in the cage. All of my losses came in the ring because people can cheat in the cage, they can move out and grab the ropes. In the cage there is no where to go. You either have to knock me out and I’m going to knock you out. I love the cage. I believe a lot of Pride fighters will lose in the cage because they don’t know how to utilize the cage. Once they start learning the cage things will be different. I grew up in the cage so the transition is easy for me. So going back into the cage would be like going home for you.

Kevin Randleman: Yeah exactly. When you are in the cage there are four people in there – You, him, the ref, and the cage, and if you understand that the cage doesn’t love just one of you but both of you equally then he’ll help you out. It’s all about preparation.

Kevin Randleman: I love this sport. The people that have kept this sport going like the Fertitas and the Dana Whites, you know, people say “you should hate the Fertitas and you should hate Dana White“, No I shouldn’t. They are they only people that kept this going when it was dying. If they didn’t buy it when they did than this sport would probably just be back-league brawls and shit like the Tough Man Competition. I have no ill-will towards those guys. It’s up to the fighters to try and demand a better way. What are your thoughts on Randy Couture quitting?

Kevin Randleman: My hat will always be off to Randy Couture. I’ve known him forever. He’s a great guy and he wouldn’t do something like that unless there was a reason. He is the “Natural” Randy Couture for a reason and that’s because everything he does is natural. He’s a naturally good person and he has a naturally good character. I think it hurts the UFC that he is willing to leave them because they didn’t take care of them right. What were you thinking when he came back and won the title.

Kevin Randleman: I knew that would happen. I knew he would beat Sylvia, I said that shit a long time ago. I’ve been in this league a long time. I don’t need to demand anyone’s respect but I know that if you try to pimp me out bitch I will fucking beat your ass and pimp you out. I’m not the type of guy that will bring a tray of cookies to your house because you were nice to me that one time. I still don’t really like people that much because everyone is a shady ass son of a bitch. Everybody does something shady to someone and if they can get away with it once they’ll continue to do it. I’m not that kind of guy. I don’t take anything from nobody and I will not give you anything that I would not take myself. I guess you could say I hate a lot of people. I hate phony people. I fight for living and no one is going to stop me from making money. So long as I don’t go out and cuss people out and tell them I want to hurt babies and shit and blah blah blah blah blah. I love the babies I want to kiss and hug the babies. [laughs]

Kevin Randleman: I’m trying to be a fan favorite but I’m a fighter. When I come back this time I’m not coming back to be anyone motherfucking friend. What makes me sick is people that think there are really good. I’m not thinking that I’m good but I can’t wait to get back in there and show people that they ain’t shit. People that haven’t gone threw anything and get scared at night when a spider walks by your nightlight. Bitches. Ya’ll act like your all tough but ya’ll ain’t tough. I’m going to bring the same fucking intelligence and the same fucking tenacity that I have in the streets back to the fucking ring. If you are the best goddamn fighter in the world than everyone will want you to see you fight. Fucking pussy ass bitches. Sometimes people need to stop worrying about money and need to start training and earning their keep. We can all share the pie. What would you say has been your best MMA moment?

Kevin Randleman: I’d have to say that it was fighting Bas Rutten. Fighting Randy Couture was a great moment to. Both of those fights are my favorites because they both helped me learn something about myself. I love what I see in myself when I watch those fights. Well, Kevin I hope you feel better soon dude and I look forward to seeing you make a return.

Kevin Randleman: Yeah man, you know, I’ve had offers to fight overseas but now is not the time. For one reason I respect the athletic commission and I wouldn’t go against their decision. Ok man, anything you’d like to say to your fans out there?

Kevin Randleman: Yeah, just keep following this MMA thing, it’s just a baby right now, but let’s all see how are we can make this baby go. Holla at your boy, You send me a letter and I’ll get back to you. Ok Kev, you get yourself better and I look forward to speaking with you again.

Kevin Randleman: You got my number dude.

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