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New Era Fighting Declares War On MMA Terror Campaign

Bob Trieger sent along the following:

New Era Fighting declares war on MMA terror campaign

SANTA ANA, California (October 15 , 2007) — New Era Fighting (NEF) has declared war on a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) terror campaign, filing a $500,000,000 lawsuit against the California State Athletic Commission (CSAC), individuals Armando Garcia (CSAC Executive Director) and Frank Munoz (CSAC Staff Services Analyst), as well as the State’s Department of Consumer Affairs.

NEF is a mixed martial arts fighting organization that combines the raw brutality of mixed martial arts with entertaining, sexy and dramatic themes. It has launched possibly the largest suit in California history against the aforementioned parties for loss of revenues (past, present and future), film production, media exposure, credibility, television show, venue deposits, fighters and opportunity costs.

NEF President Ron Kort filed the lawsuit because of a pattern and practice by the California State Athletic Commission of intentionally, willfully and viciously interfering with a licensed and approved event, which effected and injured New Era Fighting in the same or similar fashion as other mixed martial arts promoters, managers and fighters.

Kort has received numerous communications from supportive MMA and boxing promoters, managers, trainers and fighters who allege that they were also abused by the CSAC. Their reports include staged fights, payoffs, favoritism, threats of suspension, bully intimidation tactics, and much more.

“I’m pleasantly surprised and tremendously encouraged by the amount of responses our claim has triggered in the fight world,” Kort said. “I’ve been bombarded by people upset by the way they’ve been unfairly treated by the CSAC. The support has been overwhelming and is helping to level the playing field between the CSAC and the people it `licenses.’ We want to provide a platform to others who have been abused by the CSAC but may be fearful of repercussions for speaking on the record.

“When I first started investigating the CSAC, I was given lots of information from people who were initially afraid to give up their name because they were scared of Armando Garcia. One member of the media had interviewed Armando where Armando openly said, `There are a lot of people that try and take care of my back… when they hear things they contact me and give me a heads up…..’ However, many people are starting to realize that there is now little to fear and that Armando is not invincible. We will have our day in court and those that were afraid are now in support of this war against the California State Athletic Commission’s terror campaign. Anybody who would like to share their stories about the CSAC can send emails to [email protected] Your names and identities will be kept confidential without your express permission to use them.”

For more information about NEF call 714.973.3053/714.448.9999 or go on line to


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