Saturday, July 2, 2022

Pics & Quotes: Randleman Suffering From Awful Staph Infection's Chris Howie reporting…

At one time, Kevin “The Monster” Randleman wore the UFC Heavyweight championship title and was one of the most feared fighters in MMA. Nowadays Kevin is having a hard time staying out of the hospital.

Over the last two years, Kevin has been experiencing a number of issues. He spent some time in the hospital at the turn of the new year and just recently had a severe bout of staph infection and is still feeling the effects of it. As I walked into work today I felt my phone vibrate. I open it to see a message from Kevin Ranadleman. When I open it up the message reads “Hey Chris, it's Kevin, is your cell a camera phone because I have something for you.”

Unfortunately the picture wouldn't come through on my phone but he did get it sent to my email. Much to my surprise (and as you can see in the picture), this was one of the most severe cases of staph I had ever seen.

Kevin spent three weeks in the hospital and was released two weeks ago. After having a look at that picture I could only assume that it was painful, Kevin offered this: “I was in critical condition for almost three weeks and I am two weeks out of the hospital now.” He continued, “pain is just part of the healing, and it hurts a lot.”

Painful indeed as one could only assume two holes in the side of your body could be. Kevin is doing okay now but will need to be careful. “I had two organs shut down again. I think what I need to do is stop enduring the pain and go see the doctors earlier.” will have an in-depth interview with “The Monster” sometime this week to further discuss his injuries, where his career is at right now, among a number of other topics. For now, if you have anything you'd like us to ask Randleman, click here to head over to the forums and submit your questions.

Get well soon, Kevin!


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