Saturday, July 2, 2022

Press Release: Website For Sale sent along the following: Enters Joint Venture to Re-Launch

Company Announces Website for Sale

The Leading Mixed Martial Arts Website entered into a joint venture with a private investment firm to launch MMA the world’s most elite MMA Business Directory. The website will replace the website’s existing Buyer’s Guide, which has been billed as the top directory for MMA business professionals looking to expand their martial arts business into the busy MMA arena. Martial arts manufacturers, resellers, and academies focusing their efforts on bringing in more women customers have used the website to communicate with tough-to-reach women fans, fighters, and fitness buffs.

The new website, will possess the same great software that makes today’s leading mixed martial arts website for women and will be brought live in the near future. was started in March 2007 by the Amateur Mixed Martial Arts Association (AMMAA) as a way to promote the women’s mixed martial arts industry. The website was featured in news articles published in the Cleveland Plain Dealer newspaper as a “resource for connecting women fighters, promoters and academies nationwide.” AMMAA founder Augie Schumatti said “in a purely strategic business move, we will not be able to continue to operate the website with our diverse business interests. We need someone to step up and own this website for the prosperity of women’s MMA across the globe.”

Events like Bodog FIGHT, and Oxygen TV’s Fight Girls have been publicized on the website for their dedication and involvement within the women’s martial arts community. Organizations like Grapplers Quest and North American Grapplers Association both boast strong female competitors.

With the AMMAA now venturing to publish the world’s largest online MMA resource for equipment, apparel, events, fighters and more, needs an equity partner to keep the site live, and promoting the women of MMA. If interested, please email the company at [email protected] or call 1-877-2-TRYMMA.


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