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Press Release: WFC Comes To The West Coast

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MMA Fights With A Stamp You Won't Forget

Tampa, Fl October 2007 – World Fighting Championships (WFC), a Tampa Bay, Florida company promoting Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) on the East Coast, announces a fight featuring former Tampa Bay Buccaneer defensive tackle, Marcus Jones. Jones will make his professional MMA debut as a part of 'WFC V: Cage Wars” on Friday evening, October 26, 2007 in Expo Hall at the Florida State Fairgrounds. This spectacular event, which includes a card of numerous other exciting matches and a record attendance crowd of approximately 8,000 fans, is being co-sponsored by Telemundo Network, Seminole Hard Rock Casino and South East Toyota. Tickets are available at the Fairgrounds ticket office and Ticketmaster.

In the near future, the U.S. West Coast MMA fans can be updated on this event and other news about the WFC and MMA fights, thanks to Kai Dodaro, a Las Vegas business owner who has been a fan of MMA for over six years. Dodaro elected to become a promoter in the MMA fighting on the West Coast by recently investing in the WFC. He states his interest in the WFC was stimulated by his recent investment in Las Vegas-based, EQ Smart Energy Drink, which is the Energy Drink Sponsor for the WFC. “The enthusiasm, vision, and business philosophy of Mo Owens, President of EQ, and Tom Crowther, President of the WFC MMA was contagious. I was amazed at EQ's commitment to the WFC MMA, and how well-planned and executed the WFC matches were,” stated Dodaro. “Mo and Tom invited me to attend one of their events and I took them up on it, only to be amazed at the fact that the event was sold out, each match was great, and the fans enjoyed every minute of it!”

As President of a large multi-million dollar corporation, Dodaro has evaluated and invested in several enterprises over the years. His observation is that the critical elements that distinguish the WFC from its competition are the people involved in its success. “It's a group that puts heart and soul into every aspect and decision made, knowing that with each event, there's always room for improvement,” he stated. Cage Wars V will embody a few modifications in order to ensure that the event is viewed by a larger audience, while continuing to enrich its pool of talented fighters, as evidenced by the increased interest being expressed by fighters from other MMA organizations.

This is what really intrigues Dodaro, who has put up a significant amount of his own money to form his own stable of fighters that will train at a Las Vegas facility that he is constructing and managing. This new WFC training academy includes a combination of upcoming and accomplished martial artists from numerous martial arts systems aspiring to become champions in the WFC organization. This training center will not be completed for another few weeks, but the fighters are training vigorously in various locations in anticipation of soon coming together to form one of the strongest U.S. MMA WFC schools on the West Coast. This initiative will complement Dodaro's efforts to achieve the following: 1) create an opportunity for West Coast MMA WFC fighters to compete at top levels of competition; 2) enable MMA fans to recognize and accept West Coast MMA WFC fighters as top competitors in the world of Mixed Martial Arts; and, 3) foster the development of new talent from the West Coast and Latin-American countries by identifying and training new talent that can compete at levels that will bring notoriety to MMA. In fact, Dodaro is already in negotiation with governments and organizations in Mexico, Brazil, and even the U.S. to broaden his network of contacts so that he can recruit new talent and promote MMA competitions in those areas.

“Las Vegas and the West Coast already account for a significant amount of MMA action, but Kai's goal is to convert the MMA WFC into a household name by offering the best of its kind – – top international athletes and non-stop action in an event fans will not forget.

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