Monday, June 27, 2022 Weekly Update For October 29, 2007

John Beyrooty sent along the following:

Update for the Week of October 29, 2007 streamed Randy Couture’s press conference in Las Vegas last week; announces its around-the-world PPV events in December; EliteXC Renegade is November 10th; and blogs blogs blogs.

They don’t come any classier than Randy Couture.

Randy Couture held a press conference about his lack of respect from the UFC and much more. This was BIG news and exclusively streamed the press conference live. The press conference was a big win for as thousands came to watch it on the site. We were privileged to be there and equally privileged to continue making it available to our members here:

What are you doing in December besides shopping and eating? Watching PPV from around the world!

Think there’s a monopoly in MMA? Then you’ve never watched these world-class MMA events.

During December, will be showing three top MMA events that you can’t see anywhere else. The UK ‘s Cage Rage 24, Brazil ‘s Fury Fight 5, and Hawaii ‘s Icon Sport: Relentless, all will be shown in their entirety on for a great low PPV price. Buy all three in advance and save too. Watch all three for less than you pay for one PPV with some MMA events.

And we’re not talking about spending all that money just to watch the top five fights either. You get the entire fight card. Plus, once you buy, you can watch later online — You can watch them on-demand at your leisure.

No one else brings you the variety (not to mention the value!) of top MMA like!

Get more info here:

Go Ahead, Make My Day….November 10th EliteXC Renegade

November 10th kicks off the world tour with behind-the-scenes interviews with EliteXC fighters like Internet sensation Kimbo Slice, Nick Diaz, KJ Noons, Jake Shields, Mike Pyle, and more. We’ll even be doing a live forum chat with EliteXC Renegade fighters on Thursday, November 8th.

Make sure to check out the pre-fight interviews, weigh-ins, press conference, post-fight interviews and behind-the-scenes coverage during fight week. While we won’t be streaming the undercards, we will have them up exclusively on the week after the fights.

After the pre-fight entertainment, turn to Showtime to watch this talent-oozing EliteXC event in HD at 10pm ET/PT. As Terrell Owens says, “Getcha popcorn ready!”’s homage to EliteXC Renegade site is here:

Bring out yer Blogs!

Are you aware that is home to one of the top MMA bloggers in the world? Noted journalist Sam Caplan blogs for here: — grab his RSS feed by clicking those colorful little buttons on the right and importing them into your favorite blog reading tool.

Other blogs of note: (Evil Master has interesting stuff to say and he is quite prolific); — heard of that guy? We love him at and his blog never fails to bring a twisted smile to our twisted faces. There are others too. Plus, if you ever wanted to do your own blog and have us shine some light on it, let us know. If you have something to say on a regular basis, we have your blogging soap box.

Smack you later….on!

– Team

P.S. Still think there’s a monopoly in MMA? Getcha popcorn ready!


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