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Results – The Ultimate Fighter 6, Episode 3

The following is a detailed recap of The Ultimate Fighter 6, episode 3 courtesy of the official TUF 6 website:

The Ultimate Fighter Serra vs Hughes – Episode Three Recap

By Thomas Gerbasi

CAUTION: SPOILERS INCLUDED — The Joey Scarola drama continues for Team Serra, but there is still a fight to be fought and one more competitor to be eliminated on the third episode of The Ultimate Fighter: Team Hughes vs Team Serra.

After evening up the competition in week two due to Matt Arroyo’s win over Dorian Price, Team Serra will have to sit back and wait as Team Hughes picks this week’s matchup. Coach Matt Serra believes George Sotiropoulos or Richie Hightower will get the call, but opposing coach Matt Hughes surprises his rival by having his own team’s Billy Miles face off against Team Serra’s John Kolosci, who told his team from the start that he wanted to fight the favored Californian.

Miles, a training partner of UFC vets Scott Smith and James Irvin, has plenty of weight to drop before the fight, and Team Hughes’ assistant coach Marc Fiore is on the case immediately. Miles’ thoughts of his son back home are also prevalent as he cuts weight, and it prompts Hughes to sit his team down and let them know that he is in the same boat they are, and that they should give their best now so they have no regrets later.

That’s the same theme coach Serra is pushing to already eliminated Joey Scarola, who is miserable in the house and eager to leave to get back to New York and his girlfriend. Serra and assistant coaches Ray Longo and Pete Sell try talking sense into Scarola, with Serra even telling the fighter that if he leaves he won’t be able to teach in the UFC welterweight champion’s jiu-jitsu school anymore.

Finally, UFC President Dana White, fresh from a flight from Belfast, talks to Scarola and asks him to think about the choice he’s about to make. “You will regret this forever,” said White. “You don’t want to go out like this. Think about it.”

Scarola’s mind was made up though, and he left the house, which is almost a relief for Serra, who doesn’t have to deal with the drama anymore.

Back in the competition, Miles makes weight at 171 pounds, and Kolosci checks in at 169.5 but seems to have been hit with a cold or flu at fight time. Regardless, Kolosci stuns the highly-regarded wrestler with an early takedown, and later sinks in a guillotine choke on Miles to score a first round submission win that he calls “the third happiest day” of his life.

After three weeks, Team Serra has pulled into the lead, 2 wins to 1. Here’s how the teams look.

Joe Scarola — Eliminated in week one by Mac Danzig
George Sotiropoulos
Matt Arroyo 1-0
John Kolosci 1-0
Ben Saunders
Roman Mitichyan — Eliminated during week one due to injury
Jon Koppenhaver
Troy Mandaloniz
Richie Hightower

Dan Barrera
Mac Danzig 1-0
Tommy Speer
Billy Miles — Eliminated in week three by John Kolosci
Jared Rollins
Paul Georgieff
Dorian Price — Eliminated in week two by Matt Arroyo
Blake Bowman


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