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Results – The Ultimate Fighter 6, Episode 4

The following is an episode four recap of The Ultimate Fighter “Team Serra vs. Team Hughes” courtesy of the official TUF 6 website:

The Ultimate Fighter Serra vs Hughes — Episode Four Recap

By Thomas Gerbasi

CAUTION: SPOILERS INCLUDED — Joey’s gone and the rest of the competitors on season six of The Ultimate Fighter can get back down to the business of training and fighting. But there’s still some drama left to deal with on this week’s episode.

First things first though, and coach Matt Hughes is not happy with his team after Billy Miles lost his episode three bout against John Kolosci. “This sport is 50% physical and 50% mental,” says the ultra-competitive Hughes, and an intense practice session follows the Miles-Kolosci match.

“Whoever isn’t giving 100% gets me next,” said the former UFC Welterweight Champion.

Meanwhile, the current 170-pound champion, Matt Serra, is ecstatic with his team’s performance, and maybe even more so with the effect it’s having on Hughes. “I love seeing Hughes like that,” said Serra. “He’s an egomaniac.”

Once Team Serra sits down to pick this week’s fight, practically everyone wants a shot at the relatively inexperienced Blake Bowman, not only to get what is perceived as an easy road to the quarterfinals, but to also have the chance to stop or submit him and pick up a $5,000 bonus. Eventually though, Serra decides on Richie Hightower to face Bowman, a pick that pleasantly surprises Hughes.

Bowman, with no pro fights to his name, now needs to get down to business, and he finds plenty of support from veteran teammate Mac Danzig. But while training, Bowman feels a pop in his ribs and despite trying to gut out the practice, assistant coach Robbie Lawler tells him to go have a doctor check him out. The diagnosis? Deep anterior bruising and an inflammation of the joint. Bowman keeps training though.

One member of Team Hughes who wasn’t able to keep training was already eliminated Dorian Price, who got buzzed while training and continued to suffer dizziness, forcing him to the sideline. While dealing with his frustration, Price lashes out at a cameraman, first hitting the microphone and then later making a move towards the crew member before being held back.

Needless to say, UFC President Dana White is called in, and though Price believes that he’s going to be booted from the show, White gives him a final warning and another chance.

“You can’t threaten these guys,” says White. “The last thing you want to do is get kicked off this show.”

In the fight of the week, Bowman battles Hightower and is able to land with a kick to the body and some knees, surprising his foe. Hightower starts throwing bombs back, but suddenly, Bowman falls to the mat, as his knee has given out on him. Hightower immediately pounces on his fallen opponent and lands punches until referee John McCarthy halts the bout, giving the Team Serra member the first round TKO victory. As for Bowman, he gets his knee wrapped and is helped to a waiting van outside for a trip to the doctor.

With the win, Team Serra has now extended their lead to two, 3 wins to 1. Here’s how the teams look.

Joe Scarola — Eliminated in week one by Mac Danzig
George Sotiropoulos
Matt Arroyo 1-0
John Kolosci 1-0
Ben Saunders
Roman Mitichyan — Eliminated during week one due to injury
Jon Koppenhaver
Troy Mandaloniz
Richie Hightower 1-0

Dan Barrera
Mac Danzig 1-0
Tommy Speer
Billy Miles — Eliminated in week three by John Kolosci
Jared Rollins
Paul Georgieff
Dorian Price — Eliminated in week two by Matt Arroyo
Blake Bowman — Eliminated in week four by Richie Hightower


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